9 Tips to Impress the Examiner – CA Presentation Tips

Most of the CA Students have sufficient knowledge in the subject, but, they fail to convert this knowledge into good marks. Presentation of the Exam Answer sheet is equally important to knowledge.

Here are the top tips that a student needs to follow in order to impress the examiner and score good marks in CA IPCC and CA Final examinations.

1. Your exam paper presentation is directly connected to the mindset of the examiner.

2. The Examiner will still perform their duty if the presentation is not so good, but if your presentation is proper and neat, then the examiner will make up their mind in such a way that this paper checking is turning into boring or interesting.

3. Use at least two colour (Black & Blue) pens for better presentation and differentiating the Questions, Side Headings, Important words etc.

4. Frequently keep changing your font style i.e., CAPITAL, small in connection to the highlight the important words.

5. The word that actually is the crux of the answer should be written in CAPITAL, purpose behind this is being only by having look at the page, and checker is able to know that the candidate wrote in the correct direction.

6. You should answer questions in the order where you can present it at the best possible way. It creates an overall good impression in the mind of examiner and if first 2-3 question goes great, then probably the examiner will be in a  good mind set to move forward to the other questions.

7. Regularly keep using underlines, Arrow keys and bullets in your answer.

8. What you need to do is to write in the way that you are a teacher and u need to get the checker understand, Since you will not be in front of them, so you need to write it very clearly, precise so that the purpose also will get solved and they will not feel boring during the copy check.

9. If you can’t convince, confuse, this proverb may find useful in some other situations of life but probably not here its coz of 2 facts.

a. IF the examiner is knowledgeable about the topic then he will easily click that you are trying to confuse him

b. If the examiner is not knowledgeable about the topic then he wants to see the same as mentioned in the standard answer sheet provided to them, everything other is not useful to him.

Hope this could turn out to be a useful information for you.


CA Ankit Desai