CA Articleship Training Abroad (ICAI Rules Form Fee)

A CA Student can undergo Articleship Training abroad, under a Chartered Accountant working in a foreign firm. There are many Chartered Accountants working in countries like New Zealand, Germany, Italy etc under foreign Accounting firms, but holding a Degree from ICAI. Students can contact such CAs and join articleship training. The Visa is easy to obtain from foreign countries, if you are applying for this type of training. Below we have provided few important FAQs on Articleship Training Abroad. The Stipend being paid abroad is around Rs.30,000 to Rs.45,000 per month.

Can a student registered with the Institute get training outside India?

Yes, a student registered with the Institute may enroll for training outside India under an eligible member of ICAI.

Any CA employed as a Paid Assistant or engaged as a partner in a foreign firm of Chartered Accountants will also be eligible to train articled assistants at par with the paid assistants with a firm of Chartered Accountants in India.

All conditions applicable to the Paid Assistants in India would be applicable to them as well. However, in case of a foreign firm, such a foreign firm shall have at least one partner who is either a member of the Institute or who is eligible to become a member of the Institute, in terms of MRA.

Stipend for CA Students Abroad

Country Stipend
USA Rs.30,000
Canada Rs.22,000
Australia Rs.25,000
UK Rs..20,000
Dubai Rs.20,000
Nigeria Rs.15,000
Singapore Rs.15,000

What are the formalities to be complied by the articled assistant getting training abroad?

Form 103 for registration of articles should be duly filled and submitted along with such documents as mentioned in the Instruction sheet of Form 103 along with registration fee should reach the respective Institute’s office to which the member is attached within 30 days of commencement of training.

Where are the Forms required to be submitted?

Form 103 is required to be submitted at the respective Decentralized office of the Institute (i.e. the decentralized office in whose jurisdiction the Indian address of the member falls).

The working hours for the articled assistants working abroad shall be 35 hours in a week excluding the lunch break.

Should the articled assistant enter into a Deed of articles for this purpose? (in accordance with Regulation 54A)

No. There is no need either for execution of deed of articles for such training or for any intimation to the Institute in this regard. However the Principal is required to include the particulars of such training in the report to the Council under Regulation 64.

Therefore, it is hereby clarified that, a CA student can undergo his/her articleship training in other country too.