How to Pass CA IPCC Group 2 (Study Plan Strategy)

Pass CA IPCC Group 2 with this advanced Study Plan and Tips. CA Shalini Tebrewal has provided Tips on How to Pass CA IPCC Group 2 in First Attempt. The strategy to pass was provided subject wise. The preparation strategy for each subject in Group 2 is different and should be chosen carefully.

Most students appearing for Group 2 are undergoing Articleship training and therefore there may have very less time for exam preparation. Also, Most CA IPCC students feel IT SM Paper in Group 2 is the toughest one. So, lets make it easy. Go through these Important Topics in Each Subject prepared by All India Topper.

Tips to Pass Group 2:

Allocating sufficient time for Accounts is very important to pass Group 2 exam. Same is the case with Information Technology (IT) paper. See the detailed preparation strategy below:

How to Study Advanced Accounting

I can safely say that, Advanced Accounting is one of the easiest and scoring papers in Group 2, if you prepare for it well. To achieve aggregate, you need to score good marks in Advanced accounts.

Study Accounts chapters in the following order:

  1. Partnership Accounts
  2. Insurance Companies
  3. Branch Accounts
  4. Company Accounts
  5. Banking Accounts
  6. Departmental Accounts

While preparing for regular chapters, study Accounting Standards simultaneously. Give Stress to particular Important Topics in Accounts. Prepare Notes yourself. It will help you in revision.

How to Pass Auditing Paper

Lets divide Auditing Paper into two parts. One is the Auditing Standards part and the other is Auditing Regular chapters.

Auditing Standards

Auditing Standards is all about framing sentences and using good vocabulary. Quoting Auditing Standard Number is mandatory. However, never quote wrong Standard Numbers.

Study Standards from ICAI Practice Manual only. This is the best book.

The more you practice writing the standards on a book, the more its better. By simply looking at the book, everything looks very easy. But in the exam, you will face difficulties in framing the answer which will then consume lot of time.

Auditing Regular Chapters

You need to simply mug up these topics. Concentrate on topics like Company Audit, Special Audit etc.

Vouching and Verification are very easily scoring papers. We have provided a Trick to Answer Vouching Quesitons.

Also focus on the CARO 2016 that was introduced recently. Read the comparison study between CARO 2015 and CARO 2016.

How to Prepare for Information Technology

Don’t try to study the entire syllabus of IT in a week or so. you need to study each topic a day. Only then you can be able to remember the topics that you have studied.

Spend more time on Networks Chapter. Also, refer the Important Topics we have provided in our other post.

Strategic Management Tips

This is the most conceptual and practical paper in Group 2 and as a matter of fact in entire CA IPCC syllabus. Without having conceptual knowledge, you can’t attempt the questions.

In SM syllabus, 1,2 and 7 chapters are purely theory based and other chapters are conceptual based. Read this useful article on How to Present Answers in IT SM Paper.

Almost all answers in SM must be accompanied by relevant examples. Once you quote an example, even if have not written the entire answer properly, you will still be awarded good marks never the less.

Also you may refer the IT SM Notes we have provided here.