Things to Know Before Joining an Articleship Firm

Big 4 of big firm or midcore..?

Tax or audit..?
More importance to work or travelling..?
Practice or Employment..?

You always have preconceived notions on all these questions but did you spend some time analyzing them on your own based on your skills and interests?

Let us understand few things before you decide where you are heading for in future.

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Before attending interviews decide on:

Expectations of Students during Articleship
Your Expectations:
 What you are expecting in 3 years? Is it
-Stipend or
-More leaves with comp offs facility or
-Laptops or
-Reasonable working hours
-Less travelling etc.

Your Interests:
Field and sub fields (in audit sub fields are statutory audits, internal audits, Concurrent audits, VAT audits etc.) towards which you are most fascinated.

(Do not opt for a particular department in case you are not able to decide what your interests are.)

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Your Career Option: 
As an article student, you should be clear as to whether to settle in employment or to go for practice. Depending on that, develop yourself professionally.

This is an important guiding factor in deciding which firm you want to opt for – big 4 or mid-size

Based on above answers and after you attend interviews, decide on these parameters. (P.S. these are just general parameters and are subject to change from situation to situation).

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Selection of Firm:
Gather information about the firm you are about to choose by
– Google.
– Ask Principal about the clients they serve, number of years of experience.
– Your friends, mutual friends, friends of friends.
– Articles working there.
– Discussing with family.

Also check the availability of work in your interested fields.

Leaves granted:
You do need to have a fair idea on the leaves provided by the firm for final exams. But do not expect any extra leaves for coaching.

If you are comfortable with
– Outstation travelling.
– Time taken daily from home to office and vice versa.

Managing time:
Do not forget, you are still student. So you definitely need to manage time for studies. Practically apply what you have learnt and also ensure that you learn something new each working day.

– Stipend and lavish office structure should not be sole criteria of selecting a firm.
– Do not 100% rely on what you hear.
– Do not change your mind with other’s review. Develop your own chain of thoughts.

Remember, Articleship is golden period which builds us professionally. Choose well

All the best!!