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Just 15 Days are left for CA Exams. Students get confused about, how to utilise these last 15 days for effective exam preparation of CA IPCC and CA Final. This is a very crucial period for any student and it is most common that students do get little frightened regarding the exams. In this article, we will discuss on, how to overcome the fear and pass CA IPCC and CA Final exams. We will also recommend students to read our other very useful articles on how to present theory answers, how to impress the examiner, study plan for ca ipcc and study plan for ca final students.

how to pass ca exams in 15 days

Just 15 Days left for Exam

Now, just 15 days are remaining for doing the best in CA exams. The students are striving to prepare well. Among them, there are many students who are going to appear subsequently. The feeling of tension or fear or pressure or whatever the word you use is becoming an obstacle for preparing well.

Exam Fear

There are many ways or techniques to come out of the fear of exams, for example, keeping firm determination, keeping positive attitude firmly, inspirational reading, Yoga, Meditation, visualization of desired result and so on. Here, I am going to share with you a simple psychological technique to come out of the fear of exams.

Suppress Negative Thoghts

Friends, it’s well understood that the more we suppress our feeling the more strongly it will bounce back. The more you try to suppress your feeling, the more in-depth impact of the same will be in our subconscious mind. So if our conscious mind toughs (feels) the negative feelings and lefts the same, then the next better feeling will come automatically in our mind. And in that way we can reach at the most positive feelings i.e. the feeling of confidence. Writing of the feelings one by one is the best way to tough the feelings.

Be practical

Rather than to discussing the theory more, let’s move towards the practical. Fear (or tension) of failure is the most harassing feeling. So write in the first para about your fear. Say, write that “I am feeling the fear that I can not pass the exam” “I have not prepared well so I can not pass the exams”…..write a para of 5 to 7 sentences. When you feel satisfied about the expression of feelings (means you feel satisfied that you have expressed your feeling properly), then take pause, another feeling will come out and that will be hopelessness. You will feel hopeless about the exams.

Write about the same. Use the statements like “I do not feel any hope about passing the exams”, “I am not feeling hope for passing because I have not prepared well”. Again, write 5 to 7 sentences and take pause when you feel satisfied about the expression of the feelings, then the new feelings will come out of your mind and that is regret. You can write such statements “I am really feeling regret as I have not prepared well” “I am feeling regret about the wasting of time or doing unnecessary work”.

Again, write 5 to 7 sentences and take pause when you feel satisfied about the expression of the feelings, then the new feelings will come out of your mind and that is survival of your efforts. You will feel the chance to do some and you will feel that though the some work will not make you passes surely it may make you pass.

You may write some thing like this “though I have not prepared well I have a chance to prepare”, “If I put some efforts there are chances of passing”. Again, write 5 to 7 sentences and take pause when you feel satisfied about the expression of the feelings, then the new feelings will come out of your mind and that is confidence. This is the feeling which you want. In this para you can (not you will) write that “I will pass defiantly”. Now stop writing.

Now you will feel yourself powerful and confident. This is the opportunity which you have to utilize. Please do study for minimum 2-3 hours after writing this. The work of 2-3 hours will again boost up your confidence and the fear will be disappeared.

Let me clarify some points about using the techniques.

i. The technique can be used at anytime. When you feel tension or even when you are not feeling so.
ii. You can use other techniques like Yoga, Meditation, and visualization of desired results and so on along with this.
iii. Never let your writing incomplete i.e. leave the writing only after writing about confidence.
iv. You can use the same as routine mind exercise.
v. You can use the techniques immediately when you feel fear about exams.
vi. You can read the previously written writings, and see that your fear was / is worthless.

Friends, it’s the time to work with brain as well as mind. In case of subsequent appearance in exams the role of mind becomes wider than the brain. This technique will surely help you to come out of the fear of examination.

Success is waiting for you.


What students need to do is believe in themselves. Don’t get frightened that you may not cover the entire syllabus. Just keep studying as much as you could in these last 15 days of exam preparation.