Airtel 5G Launch Date in India (5G Data Plans & Mobile SIM)

Check out the latest information about Airtel 5G launch date, Speed of Airtel 5G etc. One of the Leading Telecom Network Airtel India planning to launch the Airtel 5G Services soon in India. India’s largest telecom operator Airtel has recently announced a new partnership with Nokia for launch the Airtel 5G Services in India.

5G Internet Speed is  20 times more faster than the 4G Internet. Airtel 4G comes with the Speed of 22 Mbps only.  But Airtel 5G may expected with the Speed of 2 GBPS. Very soon Airtel 5G Services are available in India. Also read our Previous article on Jio 5G.

Airtel 5G Launch Date in India

Airtel 5G Launch Date Mid 2018
Plan Tariff Rs.40 Per GB
Speeds 1Gbps-3Gbps
Availability Prepaid & Postpaid

What is 5G

For those who are not aware, 5G is the next-generation of mobile networks which will provide higher internet speed as compared to current 4G LTE and can deliver up to 1Gbps of download speed.

Research & Development of 5G services, standards & devices is going on which started couple of years back.

We may get the 5G experience around the year 2018. Research groups and companies are testing their proposed 5G equipments and technologies all around the world.

Airtel 5G Speed Test

Average Download Speed of Airtel 5G around 2.7 GBPS. While testing the 5G Internet speeds, we have seen an impressive and astounding performance. Below we have Provided the screen shot of the 5G Speed Test for your reference.

Airtel 5G

Airtel 5G Vs Airtel 4G

The main difference between the Airtel 5G and Airtel 4G is Speed. when compared with the 4G speed 5G speed is 15 More than the 4G Speed. The difference from a user point of view between Airtel 4G and Airtel 5G techniques must be something else than increased peak bit rate.

Few more differences between Airtel 5G and Airtel 4G are high bit rates in larger portions of coverage area, lower latencies, higher number of supported devices, lower infrastructure deployment costs, higher versatility and scalability or higher reliability of communications.

Expected Airtel 5G Data Plan Tariffs 

Compared with the Airtel 4G data plan Tariffs Airtel 5G tariffs more Expensive. Because the Cost depends upon the Speed of the Net Works. When Compared with the 2G Plans 4G plans are little More higher. So based on that Airtel 5G Tariff plans are More Expensive than the Airtel 4G.

Conclusion: Airtel 5G

Airtel India stepping towards better Development. They are very excited to Launch the Airtel 5G services in India for there Customers.