Airtel Dlink Modem Settings | Setup Default Password |

Check out the procedure to Setup and settings for Airtel Net connection on Dlink Modem. We have also provided the default password for Airtel Dlink Modem. Before setting up the airtel net connection, make sure that the Dlink Modem is Reset. Once it is done, follow the step by step procedure mentioned below to Setup settings on Airtel Dlink Modem. Also see our Earlier post on Reliance Jio Broadband Plans.

Step by Step Procedure for Airtel Dlink Modem Settings

Step  1 :

Go to the Dlink setup url page i.e.,

Step  2 :

Once you go to the home page, you will find two fields to enter Username and Password. Default Username and password is ‘admin’.

Step 3: 

Once you login, on the top left hand side, you will find ‘Internet Setup’ tab as shown in the image below.

Step 3 Airtel Dlink Modem Settings

Step 4 :

Once you click on the Add button on the page, a new ‘Internet Setup’ page will open with particular fields.

Step 4 internet setup Airtel Dlink Modem Settings.jpg

Step 5 : 

In Service Category Field under ATM PVC Configuration, select the option ‘UBR without PCR’.

In Protocol Field under Connection Type, select the option ‘PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)’.

Below PPP Username and Password will be provided by Airtel. Enter those detail in those fields.

In MTU Size field, enter the number ‘1492’.

At the bottom, untick ‘Backup 3G Enable’ button.

Then click on Apply changes and you need not change any other fields in the page. With this, the Airtel Internet settings process is complete.

Dlink Modem Settings

On the left hand side, select Wireless > Wireless Basic option. Un-tick ‘Enable MultiAp Isolation’ button. Change wireless channel to ‘CH 5’. Change Mode to 802 11n/g. Apply the settings once these are done.

dlink wireless modem settings airtel

Next go to On the left hand side, select Wireless > Wireless Security option. Here, you will setup WIFI Security key.

Select Security Mode as ‘WPA2 only’. Select WPA encryption as ‘AES’.

In Pre-Shared Key field, enter a password of your choice.

how to setup wifi password security key dlink modem airtel

Advanced DNS Settings

Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab on the top and select ‘DNS’ button from the left. Select ‘Use the following IPv6 DNS Server address’. Then enter the numbers mentioned in Primary and Secondary DNS Server fields on the top.

advanced dns settings airtel dlink modem

Advanced Network Tools:

Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab on the top and select ‘Net Work Tools > ADSL ‘ button from the left.

Select ‘Multimode’ option. Tick bottom two options ‘1 bit Constellation Modulation Enable’ and ‘PowerManagementEnable’. Click on Apply Changes.

Once these settings are done on your Dlink Modem, Airtel Internet will start working.