CA Articleship Transfer 2nd Year & 3rd Year Rules

Articleship Transfer in 2nd Year 3rd YearThe Rules for Transfer of CA Articleship in 1st Year is completely different to that of Articleship Transfer in 2nd Year and 3rd year. Articleship Transfer in the first year is free from any restrictions and rules from ICAI. In other words, Students can take Articleship Transfer in the 1st year without any conditions or prior permissions. However, Transfer of Articleship in 2nd Year and 3rd Year are restricted. Students can obtain Articleship Transfer in 2nd and 3rd years only under specific grounds which are discussed below.

CA Articleship Transfer Rules:

  1. If a student has not attended articleship for a period of at least 3 months on a Medical Condition.
  2. If the parent of the Article Student were transferred to a different city. In this case, the student need to submit the copy of such transfer form of the parent.
  3. Death of the Principal CA
  4. If the Student is joining the Industrial Training Course.
  5. When the student has opted for Secondment of Articleship.


Forms for Articleship Transfer:

If the Student is opting for Transfer of Articleship in 2nd and 3rd years for any reason mentioned above other than Industrial Training, then he/she shall take a written approval from the Principal CA and also attach the required proof documents (Transfer form etc as mentioned above).

These two documents shall then be sent to the ICAI and after few days, ICAI will grant approval for that same.

After receiving approval from the ICAI, A fresh Form 109 shall be filed. Form 109 shall be signed by the old CA and the student.

Forms for Articleship Transfer 2nd 3rd year

Then the student need to fill the regular Articleship forms i.e., Form 102 and Form 103.

It is hereby duly noted that, Getting the Form 109 by the old Principal is of utmost importance and without which ICAI will not allow Articleship Registration with the new CA.

Status of Articleship Transfer:

Once you send the Written consent from and the Document proofs to the ICAI, you can expect a reply within 15-20 days. A letter will be sent to your registered address and also to your Principal office address.

Time Taken for Articleship Transfer 2nd and 3rd year

Once you files the form 109 and Form 102 103, you will get the acknowledgement regarding the status with the new firm in another 20 days.

ICAI will also send an email to your registered Email ID.

If you have any further queries, you can get in touch with the nearest ICAI branch official.