BHIM App Device Biding Failed OTP (Transaction Declined)

Solution to Fix issues with BHIM App like Device Binding Failed, Transaction Declined, OTP Not Working or Generating etc are provided below. The Problem with Device Binding Failed in BHIM App is due to wrong SIM Slot, which is explained and solved below. The problem with Transaction Declined error in BHIM app is also covered below. Around 26% of BHIM App users are facing this issue on Device Binding failure and OTP issues like Verification Failure.

How to Fix OTP Error in BHIM App

Some of the users of BHIM app are not receiving OTP. The reason for this is high load on the servers. We recommend you to use the app during late night hours or early morning hours to fix this issue.

How to Fix BHIM App Device Binding Failed Error

Most probably, users with Dual SIM Phones are facing this Device Binding Failed problem. All you need to do is, change the SIM you are using to Register BHIM App to ‘SIM Slot 1’. After that, uninstall the BHIM App and Reinstall it again.

Another reason for Device Binding Failed issue is low RAM on your phone. Try uninstalling few apps, and once the RAM is free, you should not be facing this issue.

Also, seems there an internal issue with the App only, and therefore, you can expect a new version of the BHIM app in the coming days which should solve this error.

Also, uninstall any PIN or Lock Apps from your phone.

How to Fix Mobile Number Verification Problem

You should note that, the Mobile Number which is in your Bank Records, and the number you are using to Register with BHIM App should be the same.

If you are still facing the issue with Mobile Number Verification, please wait for the next version of the app to be released.

How to Solve ‘Transaction Declined’ Error

Many users are facig this problem, where when they select a bank, the screen shows this error message showing ‘Transaction Declined’. To solve this, yYou have to refresh the BHIM App and release the RAM.

To do this, Just exit the BHIM App and re-start once again. Open the BHIM App, Enter Passcode and choose your bank name and this should work.

Solution for 4 Digit OTP (eg DENA Bank)

One user wrote ‘DENA BANK send OTP of 4 digit and BHIM required 6 digit OTP. Help me sir’. The solution for this is, put two zeros before the 4 Digit OTP.

For example, if the OTP is 9999, enter as 009999 in the BHIM App.

BHIM App Reviews

The first thing that surprised me was that a tremendously powerful BHIM App is just 1.91 MB in size, amazing.

Even a normal person who knows how to call from a mobile can operate BHIM app. You just need that phone number with which you have a linked bank account from a list of all the major banks in India.

SMS Sending Failed  by Aatish Palan

It sends an SMS to verify that the mobile number is registered with the bank account. The SMS charge is cut from the balance but still it notifies that the SMS sending failed due to less balance or poor network.

Who’s going to pay the charge for my 2 SMS? I recommend it to all that don’t use BHIM App for now.

BHIM App Review on Device Binding Failed

Mobile number is registered with bank. Mobile has active internet and also mobile can able to send sms though app says mobile verify failed. Do something to resolve it.

Not able to sing up : Arjun Maurya

None of my transactions are successful. Try using any other upi app. I Always get error “Could not send money’. without any specific error

Verify Mobile Number : S Gurumanickam

Useless Unable to verify my mobile number. Only Useful to mobile companies as you lose your money to them.

BHIM App Transaction Declined: Sidharth Iyer

Cannot select bank during setup phase itself with error “TRANSACTION DECLINED”. Long standing bank accounts with SBI with verified phone number registered with them.

Device Binding Failed : charanraje khatavkar

It’s saying device binding failed. It’s not working on my j7. There no corporation bank in list. I have corporation bank account. What can I do ???? Fix it and reply

Device Binding Failed : devang makwana

DEVICE BINDING FAIL Mobile number is registered with bank. Mobile has actice internet and also mobile can able to send sms though app says mobile verify failed. Do something to resolve it.

Registration problem on BHIM App : Kailash Jakhar

Today I downloaded it after reading in newspaper about the the app but when I tried to register my phone number by sending SMS the money was detected but registration process was not completed by the app. It is a big defect in the app. I request the team please solve this problem

Phone number registration failed every time on BHIM App : Prakash Gadhiya

I tried to register my mobile number 5 times but each n every time it’s failed and message display that you have insufficient balance or poor network. I can’t understand that I am using postpaid sim and also 4g network then why it’s happening.


Not detects bank account Koi bhi upi app aur ussd 2 sal se purane sbi bank account ko register nahi kar pa raha hai.

Device binding failed : Vikas Kadam

I appreciate the efforts for the cashless india initiative but please can u fix the “device binding failed” problem. Please do the needful.. 🙂

Transaction Declined on BHIM App : Abhishek Ap

Not good It’s not good,wanna to improve more,every time it showing “The transaction is declined” and the app is Charing us for mobile number verification,once if the verification is failed due to any network error it will charge us 1:50rs, so every time we should pay 1:50rs for the verification process,it will charge us from sim main balance.

Device binding on BHIM App : Ramdas Shahane

Tried to activate after installing but device binding failed many times. What is this device binding please do the needful and some banks like associate banks of state Bank group are not shown in the list. Please add the remaining scheduled banks.

Error fetching Bank Accounts : Rajesh Kumar

I have registered my Mobile no in two different bank accounts. I think that is the reason the app failed to link my account. Please fix this issue or else it is not that much useful.

Otp generation error on BHIM App : Prashant Kumar

Error and negligence Otp generation error, transaction Declined are very common. Apart from that for maestro card , there is no data for valid upto but the app require that data. How will maestro card owner register then ? Please rectify it. Wil change the rating after that.

Device Binding Failed : Abidhusain Chidi

Issue with Device Binding Failed Unable to go ahead with application. It will struct every time as issue which indicate that “Device binding Failed – Not able to bind with device please try again..”

Unable to verify mobile number BHIM App : Vandana

I tried multiple times but every time it failed to send sms from my mobile and verification doesent get completed.

Account Not Found : Rishi

Says Account Not Found I have an account in Canara Bank. After mobile verification, in selection of bank, it says that account not found while mobile no. Is registered with bank account.

Shantanu Deshpande

Query! Thank you for making this app I have some questions hope it will help you to improve knowledge among the users.

1. At time of first registration why you require sms ? Instant sms can we use IVR or OTP .

2. When we are trying to transfer the money it said beneficiary is not updated if we want to pay a chay wala how he can remind his 14 or 16 digit bank account (as per the bank)

3. Can we transfer the payment more easily for e.g putting beneficiary Mob no. Without using wallet format

Device Binding Failed on BHIM App

Narayanamoorthy Govindarajan

Device Binding Failed I get this message as soon as I install this app. Not even allowing me to verify the mobile number

Anindya Basu

Device binding failed Mobile number is not getting verified. Message appears stating device binding failed. What is the solution? where is the tech support?

Raghav Saxena

My phone keeps showing error screen that Device Binding failed on my BHIM app. i dont know what does it actually mean by the term ‘Device Binding Failed’.

Nidhi Agrawal

Device binding failed I installed this app, but getting error like Device binding failed, please try after some time.