CA Final Law Important Questions Topics Tips Nov 2017

CA Final Law Important Questions for Nov 2017 along with Marks Weightage are given below. These Law Important Questions were prepared by CA Munish Agrawal. We have also written the Preparation Strategy and Tips for the entire Corporate and Allied Law Paper. The recommended reference books for CA Final law were given. We recommend students to cover the entire law syllabus and not just depend on these important topics and questions. These Important questions are means to be put more stress on before the exam day.

Law Important Topics

Based on expected marks in the upcoming November 2016 CA Final exam, we have provided this table of most important Chapters and Topics that you need to put more stress on during the exams.

Topic Weightage
Directors Contracts and Expenses 8 Marks
Company Loans and Guarantees to Director 8 Marks
RBI Powers 8 Marks
NRI Provisions in FEMA 6 Marks
Draft Board Resolution 5 Marks
CG Powers to appoint Nominee Director 5 Marks
Women Director 4 Marks
Relief against Mismanagement 6 Marks
Declaration of Solvency 4 Marks
Independent Directors 5 Marks
Recognition of Stock Exchange 4 Marks
Residential Status under FEMA 5 Marks
Dominant Position under Competition Act 6 Marks
Actions against Members of a Stock Exchange 5 Marks

CA Final Law Preparation Tips

Law is one of the two theory papers in first group of CA final. Compared to Auditing, its quite hard to score marks in Law paper. Its not impossible, but not easy at the same time. May 2016 law exam is one of the hardest one in the recent times.

One of the biggest scoring areas in CA Final Law is Allied Laws part. Put more emphasis on Securities Contract Act, Competition Act and FEMA. Study these topic only from Practice Manual.

In Company law part, concentrate on Appointment and Remuneration of Directors, Offences and Penalties, Mismanagement.

Why write Section Numbers

Quoting Section numbers are surely going to give you that extra marks. Examiners will be really impressed if most of your answers are supported by a Section Number. I personally have quoted section numbers on most questions and successfully scored 82 Marks in CA Final Law paper.

When you write a section number, even if there are few mistakes in the answer you have written, you can still get good marks.

Make a suitable Study Plan and allocate sufficient time for revision.

Best Books for Law

ICAI Practice Manual is obviously the best book for CA Final law paper. You can also refer books of Munish Bhandari and Padhuka.

Final word

There is so many provisions to learn in CA Final Law Paper. Law is a very vast syllabus and you should be ready for everything. The first 5 Marks section is very important. Complete entire practice manual on the exam day.