CA Final Pass Percentage Nov 2017 (OFFICIAL Pass Rate)

CA Final Pass Percentage Nov 2017: Based on the Results declared today, we have provided the exclusive details on CA Final Pass Percentage. The Pass Percentage of CA Final has been fluctuating heavily for the past 3 years. You can see a clear trend in the CA Final Pass Percentage from 2011-2014. From 2014, This trend in Pass Percentage has drastically changed. In this Article, we will provide you the detailed study of Pass Percentage in CA Final Both Groups, Only First Group and CA Final Pass Percentages of only Second Groups.

Pass Percentage of CA Final Nov 2017 Exams

Group Pass Percentage
First 15.91%
Second 15.11%
Both Groups 22.76%

This is one of the highest pass percentages from CA Final results in the recent times.

Its no joke that this pass percentage is higher than what many people expected and is high even compared to the pass rate of CA IPCC exams.

CA Final Pass Percentage May 2017

Module Pass %
Both Groups 22.98%
Group 1 13.82%
Group 2 16.26%

Expected Pass Percentage CA Final Result May 2017

Based on inside information, the Pass Percentage of CA Final Exams held in May 2017 will likely be as follows:

Module Pass %
Both Groups 19.44%
Group 1 12.03%
Group 2 14.72%

Analysis of Pass Percentage from CA Final Past Results

Attempt Group 1 Group 2
May 2016 Pass Percentage 18.21% 18.78%
Nov 2015 Pass Percentage 12.61% 11.99%
May 2015 Pass Percentage 16.54% 11.41%
Nov 2014 Pass Percentage 23.41% 10.26%
May 2014 Pass Percentage 7.29% 13.50%
Nov 2013 Pass Percentage 5.67% 7.35%
May 2013 Pass Percentage 13.79% 18.65%
Nov 2012 Pass Percentage 12.97% 27.30%
May 2012 Pass Percentage 25.32% 29.62%
Nov 2011 Pass Percentage 25.54% 27.81%
May 2008  Pass Percentage 36.71% 28.31%

Conclusion : CA Final Pass Percentage May 201

Through this article, we tried to clear all questions relating to CA Final Pass Percentage May 201 on a whole. If you have any further questions on CA Final Pass Percentage May 201, feel free to post your questions to