CA Final Amendments Nov 2017 (CA Final Syllabus Changes)

CA Final Syllabus Nov 2017 : CA Final Amendments for Nov 2017 Exam are provided here for all subjects. CA Final Syllabus & Amendments are important exam point of view because, it is seen that, in subjects like Tax and Law, around 30-40 marks will be asked from these Syllabus & Amendments only. Auditing Syllabus & Amendments are also important. In subjects like AMA and SFM there are no new Syllabus & Amendments. However CA Final ISCA, DT, IDT and FR has the largest concentration of Syllabus & Amendments made by ICAI for Nov 2017 and Nov 2017 exams.

Details of CA Final Syllabus & Amendments Nov 2017

Amendments Rate 16%
Material Available
Effective Date Up to April

CA Final IDT Syllabus & Amendments Nov 2017

Just like the Syllabus & Amendments in Direct Tax paper, there are around 20-25 new Amendments in CA Final Indirect Tax Syllabus.

As has already been announced, students appearing in November, 2017 final examination will be examined on “Overview of GST” for 10 marks in Paper 8: Indirect Tax Laws. The syllabus of Final Paper 8: Indirect Tax Laws after incorporating “Overview of GST”for 10 marks.

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CA Final IDT Syllabus & Amendments Nov 2017

CA Final FR Syllabus & Amendments

AS-6 has been removed and merged with AS-10. So, for Nov 2017 exam, students need to study the revised AS-10.

Topics in FR Applicable for Nov 2017:

1) All AS

2) Introduction to IND AS

3) All Ind AS carve outs/ins vis-a-vis IFRS

4) Comparative study of IND AS with AS

5) Ind AS 32, 107 & 109 in detail

6) AS 30, 31 & 32

Topics in CA Final FR Not Applicable for Nov 2017:

6) All Ind AS in detail

7) Interpretations by IFRIC

8) Understanding of US GAAP’s

9) Application of IFRS and US GAAP

10) chapter 2 & 6 of Jan 15 edition Study Material(SM)

CA Final SFM Syllabus & Amendments for Nov 2017

There are no new Syllabus & Amendments in CA Final SFM Syllabus. The same syllabus that was applicable for earlier exam will be applicable for Nov 2017 and Nov 2017 exams also. However, the recent Practice Manual released by ICAI has some new problems added up. Revise them for better preparation.

CA Final Auditing Syllabus & Amendments Nov 2017

In view of the decision taken by the appropriate authority and approved list of pronouncements applicable for November 2017 Examination, students are required to refer to erstwhile SA 700 series (SA 700, SA 705 and SA 706 published in January 2016 edition of Study Material and Auditing Pronouncements) instead of revised SA 700 series (SA 700, SA701, SA 705, SA 706 as given in January 2017 edition of the Study Material).

There has been few changes in the Guidance Note on Reporting under section 143(3)(f) and section 143(3)(h). These sections deals with the duties and powers of company auditors.

It requires the auditors to give his report to the members on the financial statement accounts examined by him. He shall also give his opinion on the financial statements which will be submitted to the shareholders in the Annual General Meting of the company.

CA Final Law Syllabus & Amendments Nov 2017

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has implemented few changes in the Companies Act, 2013. Due to this, ICAI has amended few sections and provisions in the Companies Act part. Students are recommended to carefully go through each and every amendment, as these are very important for exam point of view.

CA Final AMA Syllabus & Amendments for Nov 2017

Just like in SFM, there are no new changes or Amendments in the CA Final AMA syllabus. Students can study from existing books only.

ISCA Syllabus & Amendments for Nov 2017

When compared to the previous exam, there are no new changes or amendments in the CA Final ISCA Syllabus applicable for Nov 2017 exams.

CA Final Direct Tax Syllabus & Amendments Nov 2017 Nov 2017

When compared to syllabus applicable for the last exam, there are around 10-15 Amendments in CA Final Direct Tax syllabus. Read the Syllabus & Amendments below:

CA Final DT Syllabus & Amendments Nov 2017