CA Final Topper May 2017 (CA Final Toppers Interview)

Soon we will update CA Final Toppers May 2017 and also exclusive interview with the Topper. Checkout the exclusive interview with Ms.Eti Agarwal, All India Topper in CA Final Nov 2016 exam. A very confident individual, hailing from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Eti Agarwal was also a topper in CA IPCC Exams held in Nov 2013. A very determined girl who believes that there is no alternative to hard work but does not believe in following a monotonous routine. Let us find out her story & what she has planned for her future.

CA Final Topper Interview

FinApp : Hi Eti, first of all many congratulations to you on your success on behalf of the whole FinApp team!!

Eti : Thank you!!

FinApp : ‘Chartered Accountant Eti’, how are you feeling now?

Eti : Ya, I’m actually feeling, how in a day everything changes. It’s because of the hard work of 3 years that in the span of one day everything has changed. It feels great!!

FinApp : What was your first reaction when you got to know that you have secured All India 1st Rank?

Eti : Actually, first of all, I just looked at the marksheet. When I looked at the marks, without checking the merit list, I was like “Ohh, No!! These are very less marks and it’s very difficult to achieve a rank even in top 10”.

eti agarwal interview ca final topper nov 2016

But after that, I just went through the merit list and I was like…“Oh great!!This is First Rank; this is it, this is the maximum” The reaction was just after I saw the mark sheet, I was like a bit low and just within a second as soon as I saw that 1 written over there, I started jumping.

FinApp : Where did you undergo your Articleship Training?

Eti : KPMG

FinApp : How important do you think Articleship Training is for a CA student’s career from examination perspective?

Eti : Here, I’d like to quote a phrase. Learning all the rules of cricket, doesn’t make someone a Sachin Tendulkar!! So, if you have learnt all the rules and all the laws and you don’t know how to apply it, then it’s going to be useless. Articleship, it does help. Specially, the taxation paper, “Direct Tax”, is a very tricky paper.

One of the questions I remember was about a Transport Company and there was a client who had the this passenger bus business. I had done this, so at that moment, I read the question and I knew how I should write the answer.

So that one question was of 8 marks and 8 marks make a difference. It was a difficult question. Very few students could actually attempt it and that one question actually made me feel so proud that I have done something.

FinApp : Can you share your strategies that you followed to prepare for your exams – before the exams and during the exams?

Eti : I’d say my strategies were – starting the first reading of any subject is not from examination point of view. The first reading that you do – it is to learn not from exam point of view but something beyond that will help throughout your life.

finapp exclusive eti agarwal interview ca final topper nov 2016

The second reading after that, should be from examination point of view, where we try to learn the points and remember the things. And after that, when the third reading comes, it’s the mould point and after that it is the exam. So, three readings and after that, exam was my strategy.

One thing I would like to state is that- there a few students (I don’t know why), they often have the tendency to go for selective course – like making patterns year wise. However, I never followed that strategy. I used to study everything – like from AS-1 to AS-31.

I never used to choose selective topics but covered each and every point. So, this was the thing which I kept in mind. I didn’t give importance to one or few topics but studied everything for all the subjects.

FinApp : And during the exams, stress is there, time is less and revision is very important. So, what were the steps that you followed?

Eti : In case of practical subjects, I used to cover a lot of single questions before the exams – only the concepts. Here we are not to grab the questions, solutions, thought and put it down in the exam. It’s the concept that is important so that whatever question comes, we can conceptually solve it.

In case of theoretical subject and law, I used to mark/underline the things during the 3rd reading that I wanted to study before the exams. So, those underlined things, I used to study completely day before the exams.

FinApp : Any message to CA Students

Eti : Yes, dream and do the required hardwork to convert those dreams into practical life. One has to keep dreaming to keep himself motivated. So, “Sapne dekho aur mehnat karo, apka har sapna pura hoga”.

Hardwork is what pays in the long term and it is what that differentiate between being good and becoming great.