CA IPCC Pass Percentage Nov 2017 + Last 10 Results

Pass Percentage CA IPCC Result Nov 2017 : CA IPCC Pass Percentage for Nov 2017 and the last 10 Years were provided in detailed charts. The Pass Percentage of CA IPCC has been fluctuating heavily for the past 3 years. You can see a clear trend in the CA IPCC Pass Percentage from 2011-2014. From 2014, This trend in Pass Percentage has drastically changed. In this Article, we will provide you the detailed study of Pass Percentage in CA IPCC Both Groups, Only First Group and CA IPCC Pass Percentages of only Second Groups. In our previous article, we have covered Salaries Being Paid to CAs in India and also Salaries in Dubai and USA. Have a look at them.

IPCC Result Pass Percentage Nov 2017

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Module Pass %
Both Groups 26.72%
Group 1 13.92%
Group 2 20.38%

IPCC Expected Pass Percentage May 2017

Based on inside information, the Pass Percentage of CA IPCC Exams held in May 2017 will likely be as follows:

Module Pass %
Both Groups 17.68%
Group 1 16.19%
Group 2 21.47%

It is seen that, the pass percentage of CA IPCC exams held in May 2017 will be significantly higher when compared to all previous IPCC exams.

There has been a common misconception among students that, if the exam paper is easy, then the paper valuation will be tough. It won’t be that way, and students can see tremendous increase in pass out rate this time for CA IPCC.

This increase in pass percentage is due to various suggestions and complaints received from member of the ICAI.

Inside sources say  that, qualified Chartered Accountants in Practice are short of Article Students and therefore, there is a sudden demand for IPCC Qualified students.

Keeping this Demand Supply proportion in mind, the pass percentage of CA IPCC students will be high for May 2017 exams held recently.

IPCC Pass Percentage Nov 2016:

A total of 69,653 candidates appeared for First Group, out of which 13,424 has cleared the exam.

For only Second Group, 62,123 have appeared for the exam, out of which 18,701 passed the exam.

Around 47,766 students appeared for the both groups, out of which 15,543 have cleared either both groups or any one of the group.

Pass Rate
Group 1
Group 2
Both Groups

IPCC Pass Percentage for Both Groups

The Pass Percentage of CA IPCC Both Groups in the Last 10 Attempts is as follows.

Attempt Pass Percentage
Nov 2011 17.18%
May 2012 19.40%
Nov 2012 11.13%
May 2013 11.80%
Nov 2013 8.10%
May 2014 9.48%
Nov 2014 6.23%
May 2015 8.44%
Nov 2015 4.15%
May 2016 4.78%


CA IPCC Pass Percentage Group-1

The detailed study of Pass Percentage in CA IPCC Group 1 gives the following results.

Attempt Pass Percentage
Nov 2011 17.18%
May 2012 30.30%
Nov 2012 25.14%
May 2013 19.44%
Nov 2013 19.09%
May 2014 16.41%
Nov 2014 14.25%
May 2015 13.63%
Nov 2015 12.72%
May 2016 9.18%

CA IPCC Pass Percentage Group-2

The Pass Percentage details of Last 10 attempts CA IPCC Group 2 Exam is as follows.

Attempt Pass Percentage
Nov 2011 29.19%
May 2012 26.58%
Nov 2012 21.13%
May 2013 14.83%
Nov 2013 17.88%
May 2014 13.85%
Nov 2014 15.30%
May 2015 13.79%
Nov 2015 10.69%
May 2016 7.06%


Analysis of Pass Percentage Trends:

Until 2012, The Pass Percentage of CA IPCC Exams used to be reasonably high at and average of 26%. However, since then, the Pass Percentage has kept coming down. You can see a drastic difference between the Pass Percentage rate in May 2016 exam to that of May 2012.

CA IPCC Pass Percentage Graphical Representation

Based on the above representation, it is clear that CA IPCC Pass Percentage has actually been coming down year by year. the reasons for the sudden crash of Pass Percentage has been explained below.

Why did Pass Percentage Come Down

ICAI has received various complaints from the Members that the Pass Percentage of 26% is very high and this will lead to Demand-Supply issues. Many industry members also have suggested ICAI to cut down the Pass Percentage.

Why did Pass Percentage of CA IPCC Come Crashing Down

Will Pass Percentage of CA IPCC Go Up

It is very unlikely that the Pass Percentage of CA IPCC will climb up in the near future. Students can expect the same round of Pass Percentage for two more years.