CA Salary in Dubai and USA (How Much CAs Earn)

It is true that CA Salary in Dubai is higher when compared to CA Salaries paid in India. The Salary of a CA in countries like Dubai, UAE, US etc have gone up in the recent times. Due to the high demand for CAs in Dubai, companies are willing to pay higher sums to Indian CAs. However, when compared to Dubai, the salaries in US are not the high but not bad either. CA Students who cleared CA final in first attempt are getting very good Salary and Pay Packages from Multinational Companies. We have provided details on Salary Packages such as Average Salary Offered, Salary for Topper, Salary for other Students etc. Get FinApp Connect for your Android Mobile Now.

CA Salary in US and Australia

Along with CA, one need to complete CPA course in order to be eligible for a job in these countries. You can also do the CFA Course too which is in high demand.

Average Salary in US

The average salaries being paid to Indian Chartered Accountants and CPA Degree holders in US in the past 10 years in as follows.

Year Salary
2006 Rs.42,80,000
2007 Rs.39,10,000
2008 Rs.38,30,000
2009 Rs.39,50,000
2010 Rs.41,20,000
2012 Rs.46,10,000
2013 Rs.42,90,000
2014 Rs.42,00,000
2015 Rs.44,70,000
2016 Rs.45,50,000

CA Salary in Dubai and UAE

Companies like Rak Bank are paying very high salaries for Indian CAs. There are many high paying companies like Armada Group, DHL, EMC, Emirates etc.

Average Salary in Uganda and other Southern African Countries

Due to the existence of large number of businesses in African countries like Uganda, Nigeria etc, there has been a growing demand for Indian Chartered Accountants.

The Cost of living in these countries is relatively less compared to India which makes the job a ideal choice to earn good bucks in less time. The Salary being paid in these countries are provided below:

Year Salary
2006 Rs.10,00,000
2007 Rs.10,90,000
2008 Rs.12,50,000
2009 Rs.15,00,000
2010 Rs.17,30,000
2012 Rs.17,10,000
2013 Rs.17,10,000
2014 Rs.18,00,000
2015 Rs.18,50,000
2016 Rs.21,00,000

Average Salary in Dubai and UAE

The average salaries being paid to Indian Chartered Accountants in Dubai in the past 10 years in as follows.

Year Salary
2006 Rs.19,00,000
2007 Rs.22,30,000
2008 Rs.18,90,000
2009 Rs.20,50,000
2010 Rs.19,40,000
2012 Rs.24,10,000
2013 Rs.26,60,000
2014 Rs.25,80,000
2015 Rs.24,50,000
2016 Rs.27,00,000

How to Apply for a Job in UAE

You need to send your Resumes to the respective Bank Human Resource Managers. Also, the companies in Dubai regularly post vacancy ads online.

Companies from Dubai are also coming to the Campus Interviews held by ICAI. These campus interviews will be held twice a year.

Students who have got a Chartered Accountancy Degree from ICAI are in very high demand in countries like Dubai, Nigeria and Abu Dhabi. Uganda also has very good job opportunities for accounting (Most Mega factories in Uganda are owned by Indians only)