How to Cancel GMCS Registration Online

Cancel GMCS Registration Online Procedure have been clarified in this post. How to Cancel GMCS Registration is the most common query we get from students. Due to number of reasons, students don’t want to appear for the GMCS Program for which they already paid the fee but want to cancel that GMCS Registration now. This post is to offer a solution to such students if hey can really cancel the GMCS Registration made online or at the ICAI Branch office.

Cancellation of GMCS Registration

The answer is No. Unless the respective GMCS batch has been discontinued, Students cannot cancel their registration. Even if you have registered online, the cancellation cannot be made. Students may need to suffer the loss of fee paid for GMCS registration.

Cancellation of ITT and Orientation

Even for the ITT, the answer is very much the same. ITT Registration cannot be cancelled too.

Need for GMCS

Students will learn the following in the GMCS Course:

Drafting of letters, reports, deeds, documents etc. – Principles of Drafting, Contents of draft; Hints on legal drafting; Drafting letters; Report Writing; Agreement Drafting; Drafting Memorandum of Understanding and other documents and deeds; Preparation of Project Reports.


The Art of Presenting one-self – Preparation of Curriculum Vitae; Preparation for interviews; dress Code at Interviews, meetings and elsewhere, Dos and Don’ts at the interview; Conduct at the interview; Personal hygiene; Elementary Body Language, Body Postures and Poise.

Modes of Communication – Effective communication and its advantages; Written Communication; Listening skills; Barriers to communication; Telephone / Computer based communication like voice mail.


Disabled Students, suffering 50% or above permanent disability are exempted from payment of fee and compulsorily attending GMCS Course. However, they are required to appear for two test papers of 3 hours each.

It is concluded that there is no way to cancel your GMCS Registration. Only alternative you have is to transfer it to some other student.