CFA Level 1 Coaching Mumbai (CFA Classes & Fee)

CFA Level 1 Coaching in Mumbai : The complete list of CFA Level 1 & Level 2 Coaching Centres & Fee in Mumbai  and also CFA Classes Fee in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai were updated below. Until 2-3 years back, there are no many CFA Level 1 Coaching Institutions in Mumbai. However, due to the growing demand for CFA in India in the recent years, many CFA Coaching centres have come up. The Fee being charged for CFA Level 1 coaching is relatively higher in Mumbai when compared to other cities like Delhi and Hyderabad. In our previous post, we updated CFA Level 1 Syllabus and CFA Exam Date. This list of CFA Level 1 Coaching in Mumbai was provided only for informational purposes and we do not own any undisclosed commercial interest in the same.

CFA Level 1 & Level 2 Coaching in Mumbai

Some of the leading coaching centres for CFA Level 1 in Mumbai are from Shah Classes, Finstructor and Edupristine etc.

Below we have provided the details for each of the above mentioned institute and also user reviews.

Edupristine : CFA Level 1 Coaching in Mumbai

One of the biggest advantage of Edupristine is that, they have been in CFA Coaching field for a very long time. Their Coaching structure, Course Material are appreciable.

The CFA Level 1 Pass Rate of Edupristine is also relatively higher when compared to other coaching centres in Mumbai. which stands at around 35%.

However, the biggest complaint on Edupristine is that, the well known lectures who take Demo classes do not attend regular classes. So, students must be prepared for this.

Also, the fee charged is also little higher. All in all, we can say that Edupristine is on the top of the list (not the best however, but better) for CFA Level 1 Coaching in Mumbai.

Shah Classes : CFA Level 1 Coaching in Mumbai

This Coaching Centre is pretty famous in Mumbai for CFA Level 1 Coaching in early 2000s. During those days, there are not many CFA Coaching centres in Mumbai.

Shah Classes claims to have the highest number of mock tests, most teaching hours.

The fee charged by Shah Classes is less than that of Edupristine, even though the quality is more or less equally good.

The Pass Rate in Shah Classes is not bad however. From the stats in the recent years, we can see that the Pass Rate in CFA Level 1 is of this institute is around 30%, which is pretty impressive.

Finstructor : CFA Level 1 Coaching in Mumbai

More information about Finstructor Coaching for CFA Level 1 in Mumbai has been provided below in the form of a user review:

Vikram : I was almost decided on joining these classes after seeing the demo sessions on Youtube, taken by Sir Aditya Ahluwalia, the founder. But later, I dropped the idea as I learned that he does not take a single CFA lecture in Mumbai. He has handed over the Finstructor franchise to other professors to let them use the brand he created.

My friends blame Aman Sir for the poor results of Finstructor. He does not entertain any doubts & neither does he go in-depth while teaching about concepts. This is the main reason why I don’t like the idea of ‘Weekend’ teachers, they aren’t in the mood to teach curious minds well, after a hectic five-day working schedule!.

Things to Note before joining CFA Coaching Mumbai

Not One Professor for CFA Coaching

Some teachers are very good at some subjects but mess up with others. Poor results from such teachers are because students score well in the subject of teacher’s expertise but fail in others & so fail at the overall test.

Get Conceptual Knowledge from CFA

There might not be a definite path to pass [could be practice or detailed understanding] but there is a sure shot way to fail – being bookish – at least for an exam like CFA Level 1 where mugging or rote learning isn’t the way out.

Conclusion : CFA Level 1 Coaching in Mumbai

CFA Level 1 is still in the nascent stages in India and therefore, there are not many Coaching Institutions. Same is the case with CFA Level 1 Coaching in Mumbai. In the next couple years, we can expect tremendous increase in CFA Level 1 Coaching centres in Mumbai and across India.