CFA Level 1 Alternative Investments Summary Questions PDF

Alternative Investments Questions Summary PDF was updated for 2017. CFA Level 1 Alternative Investments Syllabus has a weight of 4% in the exam. Also, when compared to other topics, the Questions in Alternative Investments topic are relatively easier. In our earlier post, we have already provided CFA Level Weights in Exam and also CFA Level 1 Syllabus, Books Recommended for CFA Level 1. Most people recommend you to skip the Alternative Investments topic as it carries very little weight. However, what most miss about Alternative Investments is that, it gives you that final extra push marks to clear CFA Level 1 Exam. We have also provided below the Summary of Alternative Investments for quick revision before the CFA Level 1 Exam.

cfa level 1 alternative investments syllabus questions summary pdf weight

Alternative Investments Syllabus

The Syllabus of CFA Level 1 Alternative Investments contains the following topics:

  • Describe advantages and limitations of alternative investments
  • Describe private equity investments
  • Describe real estate investments
  • Describe commodity investments
  • compare alternative investments with traditional investments;
  • describe categories of alternative investments;
  • describe potential benefits of alternative investments in the context of portfolio management;
  • describe hedge funds, private equity, real estate, commodities, infrastructure, and other alternative investments, including, as applicable, strategies, subcategories, potential benefits and risks, fee structures, and due diligence;
  • describe, calculate, and interpret management and incentive fees and net-offees returns to hedge funds;
  • describe issues in valuing and calculating returns on hedge funds, private equity, real estate, commodities, and infrastructure;
  • describe risk management of alternative investments

As you can see, Alternative Investments occupies a big chunk of syllabus but gives you only 4% exam marks. This is the reasons why many students skip this topic.

Alternative Investments Questions PDF

Below, we have provided Sample Questions in PDF Format for CFA Level 1 Alternative Investments.

Also, each answer is also accompanied by an explanation, for better understanding.

Alternative Investments Questions PDF Download


Alternative Investments Summary

Below, we have provided a 14 Page Summary notes for CFA Level 1 Alternative Investments topic. This Summary has been prepared in a Chart format for easy learning.

Download Alternative Investments Summary

How to Study Alternative Investments

Make sure you read all the material. Thats a given. Get the prep courses and the ‘secret sauce’ that comes with it. That secret sauce summarizes the most important bits into quick/digestible snacks that you can look too 4-5 months into your studying to refresh.

Make sure you leave yourself 1 month before the exam to take practice tests. Take as many of these as possible. Get the Qbank and do those questions. Find old exams online which are posted by the CFA organization and do those. This practice will be invaluable and will give you a good glimpse into how the questions are worded and what they are looking for.

When you finally take the exam, you will realize that although the questions are different, the concept isnt.

Conclusion : Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments is one of the most neglected topics by CFA Level 1 student. Allocate better time in your Study Plan for Alternative Investments and clear the exam with flying colours.