CFA Level 2 Curriculum Changes 2017-2018 (PDF Download)

Checkout CFA Level 2 Curriculum Changes if any, for exams in 2017 and 2018. One of the topics in CFA Level 2 where you find changes is ‘Financial Reporting and Analysis’. For example, in 2015 CFA Level 2 Curriculum, IFRS was not present in the syllabus, however it was introduced the very next year. Below, We have provided Topic wise list of CFA Level 2 along with Curriculum changes if any. In our earlier article, we have provided Study Plan for CFA Level 2 exam and also applicable Topic Weights.

CFA Level 2 Curriculum Changes 2017-2018

Portfolio Management
No Changes
Corporate Finance
No Changes
Quantitative Methods
No Changes
Financial Reporting and Analysis
Few Additions
Equity Investments
No Changes
Fixed Income Investments
No Changes
Derivative Investments
No Changes
No Changes
No Changes
Alternative Investments
No Changes

CFA Level 2 FRA Curriculum Changes

There are few minor changes in the Financial Reporting and Analysis topic in CFA Level 2 Curriculum applicable for June 2017 and June 2018 exams.

IFRS Standards for SMEs were amended a little and students are recommended to take note of the same.

These changes are very minor and you can ignore them all together.

How Hard is CFA Level 2 Exam

If one has finance or accounting background with few years of experience, passing CFA Level 2 is not that difficult. CFA Level 2 is not accounting or finance programme but the curriculum covers this areas as foundation for investment analysis. Valuation of different asset classes requires some knowledge of accounting and finance.

If one has non accounting and non finance background, the challenge will be bigger as one will require to first understand reading and analyzing financial statements and basic knowledge of accounting standards.

Vast curriculum is quite a challenge that requires early preparation of about 400 to 500 hours per level. I would rate level 2 as more difficult than level 3. Commitment and hard work will ensure that CFA Level 2A programme is passed as returns and recognition after passing all 3 levels of CFA Level 2 in quite good. It is worth to invest 3 years of life into this world famous investment programme.

The difficulty lies on different aspects:

There is a lot to study. Too many topics with a lot of details. Probably when you finish the last book you won’t remember things from the first one. That’s why you need time to read and make exercises many times over.

All is condensed in one day. If you don’t feel well and you have a bad day and lose the exam, you have to wait another year to take it again (except level I which has two instances a year).

The exam is long (6 hours) but not long enough if you don’t have the concepts very clear. In level I you have 1.5 minutes on average for each answer, you have to remember and think fast.

They are good at making the questions, there are going to be tricky ones. But all are fair, they don’t do the exam’s questions with bad blood.

Conclusion : CFA Level 2 Curriculum

This Article detailing out the Study Plan for CFA Level 2 Curriculum is not exhaustive. If you have any further questions on the Curriculum changes provided above. post your question in the comments section below.