CFA Level 2 Exam Date June 2017-2018 (CFA Institute)

Checkout CFA Level 2 Exam Date for June 2017 and also June 2018. Unlike CFA Level 1 Exam, CFA Level 2 Exam are held only in the month of June i.e., once a year. You will have to wait twelve more months to get to another exam date for CFA Level 2. In our previous article, we have have already detailed out the CFA Level 2 Weights applicable for the upcoming exams.

CFA Level 2 Exam Date June 2017

Exam Day Saturday
Exam Date 3rd June 2017
Questions 120 Items

CFA Level 2 Exam Date June 2018

Exam Day Saturday
Exam Date 2nd June 2018
Questions 120 Items

How is CFA Level 2 Exam different from Level 1

There is quite a bit of gap between Level 1 and Level 2. From understanding basics of options in level 1, one goes to solve how options are priced using binomial and blacksholes model. That’s quite a bit of leap compared to level 1 exams.

CFA Level 2 is overwhelming for almost everybody. The concepts are deep rooted and difficult to grasp. Some even take a couple of days to understand. Not only dedication but also quite a bit of practice is needed to pass CFA Level 2 exams. No wonder many consider CFA Level 2 to be the Mt.Everest of all CFA.

CFA Level 2 Exam Date

CFA Level 2 has a wide breath of material. The content is also deeper than Level I content. Level 2 tests your understanding with item sets rather than with stand-alone multiple choice questions.

Level 2 has certain topics which are tricky to grasp at once, quite numeric, heavy on formulae.

How to Prepare for CFA Level 2 Exam Date

Be realistic: Overly strict and inflexible schedule will lead to a lack of motivation in no time. Make the schedule flexible.

Time Management: Create a schedule that divides equal time among the topics or subjects.

Keep your study plan on display: Make the study plan in a piece paper or add notes to a calendar and keep it in the proper display. This way you’ll accidental deviation will not occur.

Update your study plan: Studying according to the schedule often become monotonous and boring. So, keep updating your study plan to keep yourself engaged & interested.

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