CFA Level 1 Pass Rate | June Dec 2018 Pass Percentage |

CFA Level 1 Pass Rate is considered one of the highest in the Industry. The Pass Rate of CFA do not see much fluctuations on an yearly basis. The lowest CFA Level 1 Pass Rate was in 2004 at 35%. The highest CFA Level 1 Pass Percentage is in 2009 at 46%. In our earlier posts, we have provided CFA Level 1 Exam Date and also CFA Books. In this post, we will analyse the Pass Rate of CFA Level 1, Expected Pass Rate in the coming years etc.

CFA Level 1 Pass Rate:

Attempt Appeared Pass%
June 2018 Pass Rate 57,012 41%
Dec 2017 Pass Rate  59,305 44%
June 2017 Pass Rate 60,945 45%
Dec 2016 Pass Rate 51,433 42%
June 2016 Pass Rate 58,677 43%
Dec 2015 Pass Rate 52,315 43%
June 2015 Pass Rate 51,134 42%
Dec 2014 Pass Rate 41,175 44%
June 2014 Pass Rate 47,005 42%
Dec 2013 Pass Rate 45,893 43%
June 2013 Pass Rate 47,502 38%
Dec 2012 Pass Rate 48,981 37%
June 2012 Pass Rate 49,445 38%

Pass Rate Trend for the past Four decades:

If we look at the CFA Level 1 Pass Rate since 1963, the Pass Rate has come down crashing down significantly.

In 1960s, CFA Level 1 Pass Rate is at an average of 78%, the highest being in 1965, where the Pass Rate has touched 85%.

CFA Level 1 Pass Rate CFA Pass Percentage Success Ratio

Since then, the Pass Rate has shown a steady decline over the next few years. By 1990s, the average CFA Level 1 Pass Rate is 52%.

The reason for this decline in the Pass Rate can be attributed to changes in Demand.

The number of jobs for CFA Qualified has increased in number, but the Pass Rate is no so.

What are the Benefits of holding a CFA Degree:

Mark Hollak has written this price of information:

From my experience of having passed all 3 levels and as a former equity analyst, I have learned & noticed the following:

The fact that you are getting your CFA shows that you are committed to the field and do not shy away from learning more now and in the future;

CFA provides international recognition, which may help if you’re alma mater is not that well-known;

As an employer, I would value the fact that you have passed level I highly, as it differentiates you from the rest of the playing field. Of course, I would assume that you would pass the 2nd and 3rd level, but it definitely gives you an edge on peers with similar backgrounds.

According to the CFA Institute, the category “Other” contains some of the following professions:

  • 24% Portfolio Managers
  • 13% Research Analyst
  • 8% CEO
  • 9% Consultants
  • 4% Corporate Financial Analyst
  • 4% Financial Advisory Roles

Expected CFA Level 1 Pass Rate in the Coming Years:

The Pass Rate in CFA Level 1 may not see much decline in the coming years. We can expect the Pass Rate to be around 41-42% for the next few years.

Few analysts say that this rate might even go upward due to higher demand for CFA qualified Professionals.

CFA Professionals are well preferred across finance industry in all developed and developing countries.