CS Executive Economic Commercial Law Important Topics

Important Questions Topics for CS Executive Economic and Commercial Laws for Dec 2017 are listed out below. Economic and Commercial Law is the third paper in CS Executive New Syllabus. These Important Topics list was prepared by CA Aarti Jain. We recommend students to look in to our other article on Company Law Important Questions also. These Important topics are provided only for last minute revision before exam and students are always advised to complete the entire syllabus. We already provided CS Executive Time Table and also Study Plan.

Economic Commercial Law Imp Topics

We have the provided list of Important Topics from each individual chapter.

Foreign Exchange Management – CS Executive Important Topics

  • Capital Account Transaction
  • Overseas investment by proprietorship concerns
  • Export of Goods and Services
  • Appointment of Adjudicating Authority

FOREIGN CONTRIBUTION (REGULATION) ACT, 2010 – Economic Commercial Law Important Questions

  • Prohibition to accept foreign contribution
  • Utilization of foreign contribution
  • Grant of certificate of registration
  • Penalty and Punishment

FOREIGN TRADE POLICY AND PROCEDURES  – Economic Commercial Law Important Questions

  • IEC No: Exempted Categories
  • Status Holder
  • Value Addition
  • Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme
  • Other Entitlements
  • Exit from EOU Scheme

SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES ACT, 2005 – Economic Commercial Law Important Questions

  • Establishment of Special Economic Zone
  • Suspension of letter of approval and transfer of Special Economic Zone in certain cases
  • Power of State Government to grant exemption

COMPETITION AND CONSUMER PROTECTION (THE COMPETITION ACT, 2002) – Economic Commercial Law Important Questions

  • Anti Competitive Agreements
  • Regulation of Combinations
  • Orders of Commission on certain combinations
  • Compensation in case of Contravention of Orders of Commission
  • Procedures and Powers of Appellate Authority

CONSUMER PROTECTION – LAW AND PRACTICE – Economic Commercial Law Important Questions

  • Consumer Protection Councils
  • State Commission
  • Powers of the Redressal Agencies
  • Nature and scope of remedies under the Act

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS – Economic Commercial Law Important Questions

  • Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Concept of Trade Mark
  • Concept of Geographical Indication

THE PATENTS ACT, 1970 – Economic Commercial Law Important Questions

  • Contents of Specifications
  • Substitution of applicants etc
  • Patents of Addition
  • Terms and conditions of compulsory licences
  • Patent Agent

THE TRADE MARKS ACT, 1999 – Economic Commercial Law Important Questions

  • Limits on Effect of Registered Trade Mark
  • Collective Marks

COPYRIGHT LAW AND ENFORCEMENT – Economic Commercial Law Important Questions

  • Assignment of copyright
  • Copyright Societies
  • International copyright
  • Statutory exceptions


  • Prohibits registration of certain geographical indications
  • Assignment or Transmission

DESIGN ACT, 2000 – Economic Commercial Law Important Questions

  • Piracy of Registered Design
  • Application and Registration of Design

LAW RELATING TO ARBITRATION AND CONCILIATION – Economic Commercial Law Important Questions

  • Appointment of Arbitrators
  • Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards
  • Conciliation

LAW RELATING TO TRANSFER OF PROPERTY  – CS Executive Important Questions

  • Rules relating to Transfer of Property (Whether moveable or immovable)
  • Restraint on Transfers or Rule against Inalienability
  • Doctrine of Election
  • Rule against Perpetuity
  • Gift
  • Duties of the Lessor
  • Kinds of Mortgages

LAW RELATING TO STAMPS – CS Executive Important Questions

  • Corporatisation and demutulisation schemes and related instruments not liable to duty
  • Receipts
  • Time of Stamping Instruments
  • Time Limits

LAW RELATING TO CONTRACT – CS Executive Important Questions

  • Offer or Proposal and Acceptance
  • Flaw in capacity – Capacity and Persons
  • Legality of Object
  • Certain Relations Resembling Those of Contracts (Quasi-Contracts)
  • Discharge by Impossibility or Frustration
  • Bailment

PREVENTION OF MONEY LAUNDERING – CS Executive Important Questions

  • Adjudicating Authority
  • Appellate Tribunal
  • Know Your Customer Guidelines


  • Fixing price for sugar to be paid to producer
  • Mens rea (Sections 6A and 7)
  • Offences by Companies

THE LEGAL METROLOGY ACT, 2009 – CS Executive Important Questions

  • Power of inspection, seizure
  • OIML Certificate System for Measuring Instruments
  • Compounding of offence