How to Download Error File from GST Portal (SOLVED)

Download Error File from GST Portal (15 Steps to Download GST Error File): Once the JSON File is uploaded to the GST Portal, Users may get an error stating that ‘Error in Processing’ or something related to that. Now, Users may have to correct that error file for which download is necessary. However, many tax payers who have uploaded this do not know how to download the Error File from GST Portal. Below we have provided clarification on the same.

Steps to Download Error File from GST Portal

Error Message Status Error Report JS
Error File Nature Structure Validation
Download Error File Download

Steps to Download Error File

I) If any json upload shows status ‘Processed with Error’ it generate a link Generate error report

2) To generate error report click on Generate error report link which will usually take 10-20 minutes to generate error file and create a Download error report link. During this period the message displayed will be ‘Error report generation requested’.

3) To download the error report, click on Download error report link and save the file. Error file is downloaded in the zip format.

4) To open and correct the error file in offline tool, Click OPEN button in Open Downloaded Error file from GST portal tab

5) The error message is displayed against each Invoice number. Read each error message carefully and then click the EDIT (Pencil icon) button under Action column to edit the invoices and make the required corrections in the invoices/details.

6) After you have modified the invoices, click the SAVE button.

7) Note: User can click the Delete button to delete the invoice.

8) ITo modify the details or records at rate level, click on the -1-* button and navigate to the rate level records. Do the necessary corrections and click the UPDATE button.

9) A success message Is displayed. The status of the error message Is changed to Modified (M).

10) Similarly, user can modify the other invoice data from other sections.

II) Once all the corrections are done generate Json to upload on portal, click the VIEW SUMMARY- > GENERATE FILE->save button.

12) To Upload Json, login to IN GSTRI Tile, Click PREPARE OFFLINE -> Upload -> Choose File, Select the Json payload generated using offline tool to prepare GSTRI in one go.

13) To verify the changes done correctly, Click PREPARE ONLINE in GSTRI tab and click on particular section to see the changes.

14) If the particular has more than 500 invoices, User can verify from the summaries displayed in the different section tiles. To view the details he/she has to download GSTRI and view in offline tool.

15. Note: Following field in various sections cannot be modified/corrected. User has to delete and create new entry for the same. > B2B, CDNR – Receiver GSTIN/UIN > B2CL – Invoice No. > EXP – Export Type and Invoice No. CONSULIflltie >AT, ATADJ – POS

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Conclusion : How to Download Error File from GST Portal

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