GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus (2019 PDF Download)

GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus (GATE Mining Engineering Notes PDF and also Books, Mining Engineering Question Papers) : Download GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus in PDF for the upcoming year updated as per recent official notifications from the Indian Institute of Science. Mining engineering is an engineering discipline that applies science and technology to the extraction of minerals from the earth. Mining engineering is associated with many other disciplines, such as geology, mineral processing and metallurgy, geotechnical engineering and surveying. The overall GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus for next exam has been officially released recently and we have provided below the updated details on that. With Proper preparation, GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus can be easily taken over to the perfection.

GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus Details

Syllabus Scope 6 Section
GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus Download
Total Subtopics Twenty Five
Preparation Time 765 Hours

Prelude to GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus

Mining Engineering is probably one among the few streams of engineering that has not got the same level of popularity as other flashy departments. Probably Mining Engineering doesn’t need publicity to increase the scope, as India is the land of billion people.

Even through the Mining Engineering Syllabus portion in GATE looks very huge and hard to study, once you start reading through few chapters, you will come to an absolute conclusion that GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus is one of the most interesting and easiest of all the papers in entire GATE Syllabus.

GATE Mining Engineering Question Papers

Below we have provided the exclusive downloads of GATE Mining Engineering Question Papers. These Mining Engineering Question Papers have been compressed so that the download will be much faster and it will consume less internet data.

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Section A: GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus

Engineering Mathematics

Linear Algebra:

  1. Matrices and Determinants;
  2. Systems of linear equations;
  3. Eigen values and Eigen vectors.


  1. Limit, continuity and differentiability;
  2. Partial Derivatives;
  3. Maxima and minima;
  4. Sequences and series;
  5. Test for convergence;
  6. Fourier series.

Vector Calculus

  1. Gradient;
  2. Divergence and Curl;
  3. Line;
  4. surface and volume integrals;
  5. Stokes, Gauss and Green’s theorems.

Diferential Equations

  1. Linear and non-linear first order ODEs;
  2. Higher order linear ODEs with constant coefficients;
  3. Cauchy’s and Euler’s equations.

Probability and Statistics

  1. Measures of central tendency;
  2. Random variables;
  3. Poisson, normal and binomial distributions;
  4. Correlation and regression analysis.

Numerical Methods

  1. Solutions of linear algebraic equations;
  2. Integration of trapezoidal and Simpson’s rule;
  3. Single and multi-step methods for differential equations.

Section B: GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus

Mine Development and Surveying

Mine Development

  1. Methods of access to deposits;
  2. Underground drivages;
  3. Drilling methods and machines;
  4. Explosives, blasting devices and practices.

Mine Surveying

  1. Levels and leveling, theodolite, tacheometry, triangulation;
  2. Contouring; Errors and adjustments;
  3. Correlation; Underground surveying;
  4. Curves; Photogrammetry;
  5. Field astronomy; EDM and Total Station;
  6. Introductory GPS .

Section C: GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus

Geomechanics and Ground Control

Engineering Mechanics

  1. Equivalent force systems;
  2. Equations of equilibrium;
  3. Two dimensional frames and trusses;
  4. Free body diagrams;
  5. Friction forces;
  6. Particle kinematics and dynamics;
  7. Beam analysis.

GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus (PDF Download)


  1. Geo-technical properties of rocks;
  2. Rock mass classification;
  3. Instrumentation and stress measurement techniques;
  4. Theories of rock failure;
  5. Ground vibrations; Stress distribution around mine openings;
  6. Subsidence; Rock bursts and coal bumps;
  7. Slope stability.

Ground Control:

  1. Design of pillars;
  2. Roof supporting systems;
  3. Mine filling.

Section D: GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus

Mining Methods and Machinery

Mining Methods

  1. Surface mining: layout, development, loading, transportation and mechanization, continuous surface mining systems;
  2. Underground coal mining: bord and pillar systems, room and pillar mining, longwall mining, thick seam mining methods;
  3. highwall mining;
  4. Underground metal mining: open, supported and caved stoping methods,
  5. stope mechanization, ore handling systems.

Mining Machinery

  1. Generation and transmission of mechanical,
  2. hydraulic and pneumatic power;
  3. Materials handling: haulages, conveyors, face and development machinery,
  4. hoisting systems, pumps, crushers.

Section E: GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus

Surface Environment, Mine Ventilation, and Underground Hazards

Surface Environment

  1. Air, water and soil pollution : Standards of quality,
  2. causes and dispersion of contamination, and control;
  3. Noise;
  4. Land reclamation.

Mine Ventilation

  1. Underground atmosphere;
  2. Heat load sources and thermal environment, air cooling;
  3. Mechanics of air flow, distribution, natural and mechanical ventilation;
  4. Mine fans and their usage;
  5. Auxiliary ventilation;
  6. Ventilation planning;
  7. Ventilation networks.

Subsurface Hazards

  1. Mine Gases. Underground hazards from fires, explosions, dust and inundation;
  2. Rescue apparatus and practices; Safety in mines;
  3. Accident data analysis;
  4. Mine lighting;
  5. Mine legislation;
  6. Occupational safety.

Section F: GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus

Mine Economics, Mine Planning, Systems Engineering

Mine Economics

  1. Mineral resource classification;
  2. Discounted cash flow analysis;
  3. Mine valuation;
  4. Mine investment analysis;
  5. Mineral taxation.

Mine Planning

  1. Sampling methods, practices and interpretation;
  2. Reserve estimation techniques: Basics of geostatistics and quality control;
  3. Optimization of facility location;
  4. Work-study.

Systems Engineering

  1. Concepts of reliability; Reliability of simple systems;
  2. Maintainability and availability;
  3. Linear programming, transportation and assignment problems;
  4. Network analysis;
  5. Inventory models;
  6. Queueing theory;
  7. Basics of simulation.

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Conclusion on GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus

It is always said that the wise men words are often neglected. However, we would like to again stress the fact that the Mining Engineering Syllabus in GATE is one of the most important and crucial things that has to be properly taken care of.

Not just for examination point of view, Mining Engineering Syllabus in GATE helps you in the overal development to become a good responsible officer who will play a crucial role in the development of the country in the decades to come.

Mining Engineering can be a good optional if you are extremely brilliant at it but i do have a few problems. Mining Engineering is going to help in any possible way.

If readers have any further questions on GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus, you can drop us a mail or even post your question below on our comments section.