ICAI Campus Placement 2017 (Highest Salaries Offered)

ICAI Campus Interview for CA Qualified were recently conducted across various centres in India. On an average, Rank Holders in CA Final were offered Rs.11 Lakhs Salary. Students who cleared both groups in single attempt were offered Rs.8 Lakhs average Salary. Students who took more then one attempt to clear CA Final got Packages on an average of Rs.6.5 Lakhs.

Highlights of ICAI Campus Placement held in March & April 2017:

ICAI has held campus selections for newly qualified Chartered Accountants, in over 15 centers across India.

Highest Salary for International posting is Rs.44 Lakhs, offered by Vink Corporation. Airtel has offered the highest salary for domestic posting at Rs.22 Lakhs.

Avearge salary offered in different categories:

#CA Final Rankers  – Rs.13.5 Lakhs

#Cleared CA Final in single attempt – Rs.9.6 Lakhs

#Others – Rs.6.2 Lakhs

Non Ranker Gets Highest Salary with just 404 Marks:

Ashutosh Agarwal from Jaipur was offered 76 Lakh Salary in CA Campus Interview. He is not a Ranker or a Topper. He Scored 404 Marks for 800 in CA final exams.

This proves the concept of  ‘Substance over Form’.

In 2015, Ms.Pallavi was offered Rs.58 Lakh Salary. She cleared CA IPCC only in her second attempt and passed CA Final without any Rank.

The reason for this high salary is Articleship exposure and Practical Knowledge.

In a huge response, nearly 100 organisations including public-sector undertakings and banks, with their 175 interview teams participated and made offers to a total of 1,279 newly qualified Chartered Accountants.

As many as 8,770 candidates have registered for these Campus Interview program.

Olam International Limited offered the highest salary for international posting, i.e. 76.32 (FOREX) lakh per annum and,

Arcesium India Private Ltd. offered the highest salary for domestic posting, i.e. 24.00 lakh per annum. ITC Ltd offered the next highest salary of Rs.21.00 Lakhs.

Important !!

May 2017 Time Table


  1. I wanna know where he is posted? I hope, he is not in Nigeria, as this country give that much amount of salary in campus placement.

    • Attempt doesn’t matter when it comes for deciding your salary.What actually matters is your skillset,cocept clarity and most importantly communication skills.

  2. On an average 40 rank holders attendant the campus then total salaries offered was 440lakh,as they told .
    And among 440 lakh .. ,120 lakh gone for 3 students ..
    Then rest 320 for 37 students ..
    Now guyz it’s time to rethink what’s the salaries waited for India’s toughest exam qualified students.

  3. The person who got the highest salary for international posting, whether he is rank holder or not…..
    Plz reply …..

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