ICITSS Course Details (Orientation Fee ICITSS Registration)

ICITSS Fees, ICITSS Orientation Course Details and ICITSS Course Registration Procedure Online has been detailed out below. You might be aware that, Current IT and Orientation Courses have been replaced with new two courses called ICITSS (IT) for Information Technology and ICITSS (OC) for improving soft skills. ICITSS is combination of Information Technology (IT) and Orientation Course (OC) which will be of 15 days each for IT and OC respectively. Most students are confused about the ICITSS Course Applicability and Last date to complete it. To solve all these queries, we have put down below a simple understanding in laymen terms.

Fee Registration and Details of ICITSS Course

ICITSS Applicable for IPCC Students
ICITSS Fee Rs.6,500
ICITSS Duration 15 Days
ICITSS Orientation Fee Rs.7,000

Important Clarifications on Advanced ICITSS Exam

Advanced ICITSS Course is applicable to all New Syllabus students. For old students, if you have not yet completed Advanced ITT, then you will not have to complete this new AICITSS Course and also pass the exam.

However, there is one major difference between old and new syllabus students. Old Students can do this course and pass the exam even after giving the CA Final attempt. However, New syllabus students have to pass this Test in order to be eligible for ca final exam.

FinApp Clarifies, If you are a student converted from Old Scheme to New Scheme, then there are two scenarios:

1. You appeared for ca final exam under old syllabus and then converted to new syllabus Can take this Test even after ca final exams

  2. You did not appear for any attempt under old syllabus and converted to new syllabus have to take this test and pass the exam in order to be eligible for ca final exam.

Next exam will be held on 21st Jan. Applications can be made online. Students must score at least 40/100 Marks to pass the exam. There will be no negative marking in this MCQ based exam.


Due Date to Complete ICITSS Course

In order to join the Articleship Training, you must have already completed the ICITSS Course from any of the ICAI Branch Offices.

In other words, before you join the Articleship training, you have to complete this ICITSS Course.

ICITSS Registration

Students who have already undergone either of the courses, i.e. OC or IT has to undergo only the remaining course i.e. ICITSS (IT) or ICITSS (OC). In other words, if you have already completed your Orientation training, then you no need to again attend this new ICITSS (OC) Course.

The Registration for ICITSS and payment of fee for the course can be done online. On the same website where students register for GMCS, students can now apply for ICITSS Course too.

In future, ICAI is planning to make ICITSS Registration online a mandatory thing and avoid taking physical registration forms.


The Fee for the newly launched ICITSS Course is currently Fixed at Rs.6,500 across all branches of ICAI.

The fee is likely going to remain the same for the next two years after which there might be a hike of 40%.

ICAI Official Announcement on ICITSS Course Details and Applicability

From Director, BOS

Students registered w.e.f. 1st July,2017 onwards are required to successfully complete Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS) before commencement of the Practical Training.

ICITSS is combination of Information Technology (IT) and Orientation Course (OC) which will be of 15 days each for IT and OC respectively. The students are required to undergo the courses by registering in the online portal www.icaionlineregistation.org.

Students who have already undergone either of the courses, i.e. OC or IT has to undergo only the remaining course i.e. ICITSS (IT) or ICITSS (OC). They are not required to undergo ICITSS (IT & OC) in entirety.

6 Objectives of ICITSS Course

  1. The Orientation Course aims to equip the entrants of the profession –
  2. To familiarize with various dimensions of the Indian Accountancy Profession.
  3. To develop effective communication and presentation skills.
  4. To groom and motivate the entrants to be knowledgeable and skilled professionals.
  5. To expand the significance of practical training in the life of a professional.
  6. To foster values such as integrity, transparency and Independence in the budding professionals.

The Regional offices/ branches of the ICAI will organize Course on Information Technology (ICITSS) as per the detailed course contents provided by the Board of Studies. They will ensure that all modules of course material are taught as per the time duration specified in the syllabus. The course should be supported by intensive practical exercises so that the concepts are clearly understood by the students.

Attendance : ICITSS Course

A student is required to have minimum 90% attendance to successfully complete the Course on Information Technology (ICITSS).

Module Tests : ICITSS Course

A student of Course on Information Technology (ICITSS) is required to pass two module tests as a part of the Course by securing at least 50% marks in individual test.

The module test shall comprise of objective type and descriptive questions. The duration of each Module Test is one hour.

Evaluation of the module test is to be done by the ITT Centre. In case a student fails in a Module Test, one re-appearance for each test is allowed free of cost.

For any additional reappearance, the student is required to pay a nominal fee of Rs.150/- per test. These two module tests carry 20% weightage in successfully completing the course.

Project : ICITSS Course

A student of Course on Information Technology (ICITSS) is required to prepare a multi-disciplinary project of 100 marks covering all aspects of the course syllabus. The weightage of the project is 20%. The Students are required to submit the project before appearing for the Final Online Examination.

Eligibility for CA Final Exam : ICITSS Course

A student of Course on Information Technology (ICITSS) becomes eligible to appear in the Final Online Examination only if he/ she fulfils the following criteria:

  1. 90% Attendance.
  2. Successfully qualifies Two Module Tests
  3. Submission of the Project Report and
  4. Payment of full fee for the course.

Passing Requirements of the ICITSS Course

A student of the Course on Information Technology (ICITSS) is required to secure minimum 60% marks in aggregate taking into account two Module Tests, Project and Final Online Examination. The allocation of marks is as follows:

  • Two Module Tests – 20%
  • Project Report – 20%
  • Final Online Examination – 60%

In case a student fails to secure 60% marks in the aggregate, he/she may be allowed to reappear for Online Examination for two more attempts free of cost. However, if a student fails to secure 60% marks even after three attempts, he/she shall have to pay a nominal fee of Rs.300/- to the Regional office/Branch of ICAI for every additional attempt.

ICITSS Course Final Online Examination

The Final Online Examination is of objective type questions of 3 hours duration with 200 questions. This examination is held on Sunday and date is intimated to students by the ITT Centre in which he/ she is pursuing the course.

A student has to complete the examination within the time allocated in one sitting. The Online Examination software generates the Questions Paper from the question bank randomly with questions selected for topics in proportion to hours allocated to respective topics of the course.

Conclusion : ICITSS Course

If you have any further questions on the ICITSS Course, you can send your queries at mail@finapp.in.