IPCC IT & SM Important Topics for May 2017

CA IPCC IT SM Important Questions were provided below. These Important Topics of Information Techonoloogy(IT) & Strategic Management(SM) will cover at least 50% of the total syllabus. Students must note that, these important topics are to be given order of importance while studying for exams and we recommend not to leave out any topics.

Information Technology (IT) 

Ch. Topic
1 Business Process Re-engineering
1 Organisational Vs Operational Processes
1 Business Process Automation
2 Risks of IT
2 Relational Vs Network Database Model
2 Functions of an Operating System
3 Star Vs Ring Networks
3 Network Interface Card, Modem, Bridge, Router
3 N-Tier Architecture
3 OSI Model
3 Network Vulnerability
3 Firewall and its techniques
3 Five Rules of Extranet
3 Benefits and Risks of E-Commerce
4 Office Automation Systems
4 Management Information Systems
4 Customer Relationship Management
4 Expert Systems
5 Types of Business Applications
5 BPA Controls
5 Grid Computing

Strategic Management

While preparing for Strategic Management Syllabus, students are advised to learn the practical aspects of the syllabus. Entire SM Question paper will be based on practical examples. Free IT SM Notes for IPCC Students

The first 2 chapters of SM contain only theory questions. From 3rd chapter, entire syllabus has practical importance and all questions are example based. Out of all the syllabus, Chapters 4 and 6 are very important.

For Strategic Management, Practice Manual is recommended for exam preparation as most of the questions are directly asked from this book only.

Ch. Topic
1 Demographic Environment
1 PESTLE Analysis
1 Ethnic Mix
1 Porter 5 Forces Model
1 Globalisation
2 Mission Vs Vision
2 Functions of an Operating System
2 Benefits of Corporate Strategy
2 SWOT Analysis
3 Triggers of Change
3 Strategic Analysis
3 General Electric Model
3 Portfolio Analysis
4 Cost Leadership Vs Differentiation Strategies
4 Divestment Strategy
4 Turnaround Strategy
5 Marketing Mix
5 Production Strategy Formulation
5 R&D Strategy
6 Issues in Strategy Implementation
6 SBU Structure and Core Competence
6 Value Chain and Linkages
6 Leadership Role in Strategy Implementation
7 Total Quality Management
7 TQM Guidelines