IPCC Student Failed in IT SM with 6 Exemptions

In the May 2016 Exams, Amrit Vadhan has scored exemptions in 6 out of 7 subjects by failed in the Information Technology and Strategic Management Paper. If he had have cleared that paper, he would have been an All India Ranker.

The Marks Scored by Mr.Amrit in the exam are as follows:

Subject Marks
Accounting 81
Law 73
Costing FM 88
Taxation 76
Adv.Accounts 91
Auditing 71
IT SM 34

The original MarkSheet of Mr.Amrit Vardhan has been provided below for your reference. This is not the first time such situation has occured. In Nov 2014 exams, Ms.Shilpa has scored 96 Marks in Taxation paper but failed in IT SM Paper by scoring only 28 marks.

ca ipcc student failed in it sm with exemption in other subjects

IT SM is considered one of the hardest papers in the CA IPCC syllabus. In November 2016 exams, the pass percentage in IT SM Paper is as low as 0.42%.

While preparing for Strategic Management Syllabus, students are advised to learn the practical aspects of the syllabus. Entire SM Question paper will be based on practical examples. Free IT SM Notes for IPCC Students

The first 2 chapters of SM contain only theory questions. From 3rd chapter, entire syllabus has practical importance and all questions are example based. Out of all the syllabus, Chapters 4 and 6 are very important.

For Strategic Management, Practice Manual is recommended for exam preparation as most of the questions are directly asked from this book only.

CA Student Clears IPCC after 9 Attempts  – Success Story

CA Student cleared IPCC after 9 attemptsRead the inspirational story of Mr.Govind Bhattad. Mr.Govind cleared both groups of his IPCC exam in November 2015, which is his 9th Attempt.

He scored exemption in Accounting and Taxation.”

What is your current state of mind at the moment?

I can’t describe my feelings in words. I have been waiting for this moment for 4 years and this should the happiest moment of my life.

Did you face any pressure from your family or friends to move on and take up any other course?

No, my family and friends have been extremely supportive through this entire episode. The only pressure i faced is from my relatives and neighbours.  Every Diwali they ask me what am I doing and for the past 4 years, I have been telling them the same answer and few made me feel very embarrassed.

What went wrong in your previous attempt? What changes did you make in this current attempt?

With every attempt I kept realizing one mistake each. The basic error in judgement is to prepare my exam from wrong books. In this attempt, I prepared from ICAI Practice Manual for most of the subjects and I could say that this is the sole reason I cleared my exams.

Another big error is just going through practical problems without practicing them on book. By simply looking at them, it looks like you get them, but after going to the exam hall, I was unable to complete even one full question. So I learned that subjects like Costing and Accounts should be practice with pen and paper.

Also, it is very important to read a topic five times, rather than reading 5 different topics. Whatever the topics I completed, I made sure that I have at least 3 revisions.

For Tax, I concentrated more on Amendments part and In Law, I thoroughly prepared Ethics and Communication first and then completed Business Laws. Only after that, I prepared Company Law. Company Law is an important topic, but, to score good marks you have to stress on Ethics and Communication.

CA Final is much harder than IPCC. What’s your plan to handle it?

You are absolutely right. If I have taken this many attempts to complete IPCC, It will be extremely difficult to clear CA Final. But, as I was telling you earlier, now I know my mistakes. If there was a time machine, I would go back in time and will be clear the exams in first attempt only. I hope I am fully ready to deal with that.

Any words of wisdom for students?

Don’t prepare both Groups unless your target is an All India Rank. Believe in yourself. I dont want my fellow students to make the same mistake i have been doing.


  1. Can you please let me some one whether he is eligible to take all exemptions or any restriction on taking exemptions.

    And this is very sad news to him, so many students are recommended to remove IT&SM paper from syllabus but ICAI is not doing that.

  2. In IT Learn all Sub Heading to main head first and do the same in SM..
    Learn all Sub Heading, prepare short forms for the same.. Go through PM perhaps complete the whole pm at least 2 times before exams

  3. Read fully and cover all pages of ICAI Study Material ONLY and not other book, because in PM there are only few questions but in exam it ask questions a huge and regarding other books the ICAI not accepted the wording other than the Study Material.


    • Awesome bro! how did u do that.. pls share info especially for IT.. u read and understood conceptually OR Just memorised. coz they gave me just 20/50 in IT mock, ICAI, Chennai. (nov 16)