Jen Psaki Net Worth 2022 Cars House Salary Income

Jen Psaki Net Worth Cars House Author Income

Jen Psaki Net Worth is $23 Million Dollars. Jen Psaki Cars include Ford, Nissan and other brands (Details mentioned in the article below). Jen Psaki Net Worth also includes her million-dollar properties in Washington and Connecticut. Jen Psaki is an American political advisor serving as the 34th and current White House press secretary. In the past one year, the net worth of Jen Psaki has hiked at the rate of 62%. Also Read Hunter Biden Net Worth

Jen Psaki Net Worth

Current Net Worth $23 Million Dollars
Annual Income $5 Million Dollars
Salary $710,000 USD
Cars 7
Taxes Paid $11,000 USD

Jen Psaki Cars

Toyota Camry Nissan Altima
Lexus ES BMW M3

Jen Psaki recently gifted herself a brand new Toyota Camry for over $30,000 after she was appointed as the new press secretary of the White House.

Jen Psaki also owns a BMW priced at $110,000 US Dollars.

What is Jen Psaki’s Salary?

As the Press Secretary of the White House, Jen Psaki earns an annual salary of $710,000 USD. Note that, this is the take-home salary of Jen Psaki after all the tax deductions. In addition to her salary, Jen Psaki is also entitled to the below perquisites:

  • 3 Cars
  • Private Jet
  • Rent-free home in Washington D.C
  • Free Broadband and Mobile Network
  • Electricity Allowance
  • An interest-Free loan from Bank of America

Watches owned by Jen Psaki

Watch Name Price
Michele Deco $7,000 USD
Rolex “Datejust Ladies” $102,000 USD
Richard Milne $34,000 USD
Cartier $118,000 USD

Jen Psaki House

Jen Psaki owns houses in Washington and Connecticut. Jen Psaki Net worth has increased at a rate of 220% over the past 3 years. Jen Psaki’s Washington home is worth over $3 Million dollars. Jen Psaki’s Net worth also includes her Connecticut house that is worth well over $6 Million dollars.

Jen Psaki Annual Income

Year Income
2021 $5 Million USD
2020 $3.7 Million USD
2019 $2.1 Million USD
2018 $1.8 Million USD
2017 $950,000 USD
2016 $400,000 USD
2015 $370,000 USD

Jen Psaki Bio

Jen Psaki graduated from Greenwich High School in 1996. In 2000, Jen Psaki graduated from the College of William & Mary with a degree in English and sociology.

Throughout the 2008 presidential campaign of U.S. senator Barack Obama, Jen Psaki served as traveling press secretary.

On May 6, 2021, Jen Psaki in an interview with former senior advisor to the President David Axelrod, Jen Psaki suggested she would depart from the position of press secretary “in about a year from now”.

Jen Psaki announced that she had tested positive for COVID-19 on November 2, 2021.

What is the Growth Prediction for Jen Psaki’s Net Worth and Wealth?

Jen Psaki is in the news regarding the democrats bills in the house of congress, NFL, Donald Trump and more. The net worth of Jen Psaki is expected to grow at a rate of 13% over the next two years. Considering the low approval polls of Joe Biden and slim chances of his second term in the white house, Jen Psaki’s Wealth may not see much hike as she might have hoped before taking on the top job.

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