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Check out how to play Reliance Jio TV for PC (Windows Laptop). Jio TV is a live app that gives instant access to programmes on a Television. Reliance Jio is offering over 400 TV Programmes through their Jio TV App. Now, we will show you a way how to play Reliance Jio TV on a Personal Computer. Jio TV allows you to watch Live TV channels & past 7 days programs on any device, any time. Jio TV offers instant access to widest range of TV channels (350+ channels spread across 10+ genres and 15+ languages) on your smartphones and tablets and Laptop PC.


How to Play Jio TV on PC : Method #1

The first thing you need to do is, download BlueStacks App Player on you Windows Laptop or PC.

After installing the BlueStacks, you need to connect you mobile phone internet to it.

After that, download Reliance Jio TV App on the BlueStacks. Once you download the app, you can simply watch all the TV programmes from Jio TV App on your PC Windows Laptop.

How to Play Jio TV on PC : Method #2

There is a new method developed by the Chinese tech people, where you can clone your phone to the Laptop PC.

Here, you need to first root your phone and then run the Cloning software on your Laptop.

Once it is done, you can safely run the Jio TV App on PC Laptop.

Features of Jio TV App on PC Laptop

Jio TV allows you to carry your TV with you – Anywhere TV: Enjoy your TV while you travel for work or fun.

Pause & Play Live TV Channels at your convenience: Never miss a moment of your favourite TV shows. Pause and play live TV programmes from the point you left off.

Prime time at your convenience: Never miss a program with the 7 day Catch Up of your favourite channels. Jio TV allows you to enjoy missed episodes of prime shows, telecast in past 7 days.

Quick Content Discovery using 7 (past / future) days TV Guide, Language & Genre filters or Channel / Program based search.

Multilingual User Interface in 10 languages: Explore app in English, Hindi and other regional languages

Personalized TV viewing experience: Mark channel / programs as favourites or Set Reminders: Plan your TV viewing by setting a reminder on upcoming programmes.

Jio TV provides share feature. Share your favourite programmes in your social network.

Jio TV on PC Not Working

As of now, there are limited resources to run Jio TV App on Windows Laptop PC. In the coming days, we will update more and more methods on how to run the Jio TV App on your personal computer.