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Take the  Free Accounting Self Assessment Test, Multiple choice questions from Law and all the topics covered in the syllabus were taken into account. The Mock Test Questions were prepared by CA Nidhi Jain. CA Nidhi also has written this great Article on How to Pass CA IPCC Group 1.

This Law SAT has been prepared by qualified Chartered Accountants, covering all the topics in CA IPCC Syllabus. The Test is for free of cost and students can take the test any number of times. Also See CA IPCC Study Plan For 30 Days.

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Sample Questions from the Test:

Which of the following is not a restriction associated with a Private Company?
Percentage of Share Capital required for a company to be called as an Associate Company is
As Per SEBI Guidelines, Every Public Company in India should be a listed Company
Which of the Following is not a Public Financial Institution under the Companies Act, 2013?
To convert a Public Company to a Private Company, the approval has to be given by
Can a person incorporate more than one OPC
Documents required to be filed with Registrar for Incorporating a Company:
Can a Shareholder Mortgage their Shares and take loan from the Company?
The Registered Office of a Company can be changed by passing:
Which of the following is not a Memorandum Clause?
Which Principle states that it is the outsider’s responsibility to look into company’s Documents before entering into any agreement?
Where a Company has raised money from public through prospectus and still has any unutilized amount, Objects Clause can be changed only through:
Can Central Govt give any direction to a Company to rectify its name?
Resolution required to alter Articles of Association of a Company:
The Contracts which are entered into, by agents or trustees on behalf of a prospective company before It has come into existence are called:
A Company Promoter has Right to demand remuneration for his promotional services:
A Company can serve documents to its members through:
Which of the following is included in the definition of Prospectus?
Which of the following details need not be stated in a Prospectus?
Time limit within which Prospectus need to be issued to public after it is Registered with ROC: