CA IPCC Law Important Questions Topics Nov 2017

Important Questions and Topics in CA IPCC Law Ethics and Communication paper were exclusively presented by FinApp. All these Important Questions were contributed by CA Vikram Shah. Mr.Vikram is an All India Ranker and scored 87 Marks in Law Paper. During the study plan, students must give important to the below listed out Important Topics in Law Ethics and Communication part. We request students to complete entire syllabus and just concentrate more on these topics. Students may also read our earlier articles on Costing FM Important Questions, CA Exam Tips etc.

Company Law Important Topics for Nov 2017

Company Law paper of CA IPCC is very vast in size, but would offer very less marks. Company law will take up majority of your preparation time. Exam point of view, we would recommend you to allocate more time on Ethics and Communication part.

Questions Weightage
Objects Clause of Memorandum 6 Marks
One Person Company 6 Marks
Public Financial Institutions 5 Marks
Shelf Prospectus 6 Marks
Misstatement in Prospectus 6 Marks
Acceptance of Deposits 8 Marks
Debentures 6 Marks
Buy Back of Shares 8 Marks
Private Placement of Shares 6 Marks
Registration of a Charge 5 Marks
Electronic Voting 5 Marks
General Meeting Notice 4 Marks
Chairman Powers in a Meeting 4 Marks

Communication Important Topics Nov 2017

Communication is one of the best scoring part in Law. Study Side Headings from ICAI Study Material and Practice Manuals and write the same in exam too. If you can state the right side headings, you can score at least 3 marks minimum of total 5 marks.

Questions Weightage
Process of Communication 7 Marks
Merits of Oral Communication 5 Marks
Formal Vs Informal Communication 8 Marks
Grapevine Chains 5 Marks
Barriers to Communication 5 Marks
Tips for Improving Inter Personal Communication 4 Marks
Importance of Active listening 4 Marks
Emotional Intelligence 5 Marks
Group Conflicts 4 Marks
Negotiation Techniques 5 Marks
Guidelines to handle Communication Ethical Dilemmas 5 Marks
Elements which can influence an organisation culture 4 Marks
Components of a Partnership deed 5 Marks
Draft AGM Notice 5 Marks
Draft a Gift Deed 4 Marks

Ethics Important Questions Nov 2017

Ethics is very easy topic as most of the syllabus is in general nature. Just like Communication, you need to study side headings from ICAI Materials and replicate the same in the exam. You can score full marks for each question. Ethics and communication are the ones that are going to help with scoring an exemption in CA IPCC Law paper.

Topic Weightage
Sources of Ethical Standards 5 Marks
Benefits of Business Ethics 4 Marks
7 Social Sins 4 Marks
Corporate Governance Measures 5 Marks
Caux Round Table, AA1000 4 Marks
CSR Policies 4 Marks
Harassment at Workplace 4 Marks
Guidelines for Managing Ethics at Workplace 4 Marks
Factors influencing ethical behavior at work 5 Marks
Green Accounting 4 Marks
Eco Friendly business practices 5 Marks
Parameters of Competition Law 5 Marks
Ethical Conflict Resolution by Finance Professional 4 Marks
How to Create an Ethical Environment in a Company 4 Marks
Fundamental Principles relating to Ethics 5 Marks