Best Mobile Insurance India 2018 (Top 10 Companies)

Best Mobile Insurance India and also Best Mobile Phone Insurance companies in India have been listed out below based on rating. In order to select the best mobile phone insurance company and plan in India, we have taken various parameters such as Premium Amount, Risk Coverage, After Service, Claim Ratio etc.

Insurance Cover for  Mobile Phone

Most of the Companies are offering the following Insurance covers on a mobile phone. If you have lost your phone for any of the below listed reasons, you can claim the Insurance amount.

  1. Any Physical Damage like Broken Screen etc
  2. Damage caused due to spilling of liquids like water etc
  3. Any Virus attack
  4. Phone stolen

Frankly speaking, the Insurance cover changes from one company to the other. Most companies offer the above services as a standard.

Best Mobile Insurance Companies in India 2018

There are tens of companies in India offering Insurance cover for Mobile Devices. Below, we have given a ranking for the top 10 Mobile Insurance Comapnies.

Rating Company Name
4.30 Times Global
4.25 One Assist
4.18 Syska Gadget Secure
4.11 Apps Daily
4.05 New India Assurance
4.00 SyncNScan
3.90 Warranty Bazaar
3.85 Onsite Secure
3.80 Quick Heal Gadget Secure
3.80 Mobile Assist

Time Taken for Mobile Insurance Claim

There is no standard Time frame as to when you will get your Insurance claim money. In most cases, once you submit all the documents to the Insurance Company, you should get the money in 10-15 days.

Since two years, the insurance claim process has drastically become fast. Now, as everything is made online, the claim amounts are being received very faster.

Syska has the fastest Insurance claim processing record and same is with Times Global.

Rejection of Insurance Claim

Whether to give you the claim amount on damaged Mobile Phone is only up to the company. Even when you have submitted all the documents, your application may still get rejected. If your mobile phone was stolen, you may need to first go the nearest police station and lodge a formal FIR.

In few cases, when the phone is broken, few insurance companies asks you to get it repaired at an authorised mobile phone dealer and give them the repair bill. And moreover they will only reimburse 60-70% of the bill amount but not the entire sum.

Insurance Claim Amount

When you go to the Insurance company to claim insurance on your lost phone, they won’t give you the full value of the mobile phone. A rate of depreciation will be charged on the value of the mobile phone.

Depreciation Rates

How old the phone Depreciation Rate
3 Months old 20%
3 to 6 months 30%
More than 6 months 50%

Conclusion : Best Mobile Insurance 2018

So, we declare that Times Global and One Assist are the Best Mobile Insurance Companies in India for 2018. Different people may have different opinions on what is the Best Mobile Insurance in India due to various sides involved in the calculation.