NCVT MIS Result 2017 (MIS NCVT Exam Marksheet)

NCVT MIS Result 2017 : The NCVT MIS Exam Result 2017 (NCVT MIS Result) has been released and you can CHECK your exam result from NCVT Results website given below. NCVT stands for National Council for Vocational Training. The Exams for NCVT are held in four Semesters. The Exam Result 2017 is for all four Semesters of NCVT, for which examinations have already been held long time back. Below, we have provided step by step procedure how to check your NCVT MIS Result 2017. On FinApp, you can also find exclusive information on Exams of other courses too. The National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT), an advisory body, was set up by the Government of India in 1956

How to Check NCVT MIS Result 2017

  1. Go to the URL Provided below
  2. Click on Result Sheet tab
  3. Enter your Roll Number
  4. Select the Semester
  5. You can also submit Registration Number
  6. See and Print your NCVT MIS Exam Result

NCVT MIS Exam Result 2017 Link

Semester Structure: NCVT MIS Result 2017

Structure of training Programme has been converted into semester system in place of long term, w.e.f August, 2013

The courses have been designed to impart basic skills and knowledge in the trades so as to prepare trainee for employment as a semi-skilled worker or for self-employment and NCVT MIS Result 2017.

As 70% of the training period is allotted to practical training and the rest to subjects relating to Trade Theory, Workshop Calculation & Science, Engineering Drawing, therefore, emphasis is on skill building.

For over all personality development of trainees and NCVT MIS Result 2017, a course on “Employability Skill” has been introduced from session July, 2012.The subject cover topics introduced on IT Literacy, English Literacy, Occupational Safety and Health, Quality tools, Communication Skills,  Entrepreneurship Skills, Environment Educationand Labour Welfare legislation.

Training : NCVT MIS Result 2017

The Directorate General of  Training (DGT) (erstwhile DGE&T, Ministry of Labour and Employment) in the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India initiated Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS) in 1950 by establishing about 50 Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) for imparting skills in various vocational trades to meet the skilled manpower requirements for technology and industrial growth of the country.

The second major phase of increase in ITIs came with the oil-boom in West-Asia and export of skilled manpower to that region from India. Several new private ITIs were established in 1980’s in southern states mostly in Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, etc. from where trained craftsmen found placement mainly in Gulf countries.

NCVT Exam Result MIS Exam Result

In 1980, there were 830 ITIs and the number rose to 1900 ITIs in 1987. During 1990’s, the growth of ITIs had been steep and presently there are over 10,750 ITIs (2275 in Govt. & 8475 in Private Sector) having a total seating capacity of 15.22 lakhs for NCVT MIS Result 2017.

Under the constitution of India, Vocational training is the concurrent subject of both Central and State Governments. The development of training schemes at National level, evolution of policy, laying of training standards, norms, conducting of examinations, certification, etc. are the responsibilities of the Central Government, whereas the implementation of the training schemes largely rests with the State Govts./UT Administrators.

The Central Govt. is advised by the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) and NCVT MIS Result 2017, a tripartite body having representatives from employers, workers and Central/State Governments. Similar Councils termed as State Councils for Vocational Training are constituted for the same purpose by the respective State Governments at state levels.

Conclusion : NCVT MIS Result 2017

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