How to Present Answers in IPCC IT SM Exam

In many cases, it is seen that, students are in a notion that they are going to score good marks in IT&SM, but they end up scoring very less. Especially with Strategic Management, there are confusions regarding presentation of answers.

How to Present Answers in SM:

You can divide SM Syllabus into two parts. Questions from 1,2,6 chapters are theory based ones. You need to present them with Side Headings from ICAI Practice Manual.

The other chapters are concept and practical based. Almost every answer that you present from these chapters must be accompanied by an Example.

In SM, examples have high amount of importance and you will score atleast 8-10 extra marks by just quoting good examples.

How to Present Answers in IT:

Questions from IT are very straight forward and directly asked from ICAI Materials only.

The IT Paper correction will not be as tough as you might think. Use Vocabulary that is used in Practice Manuals, because, these are PM answers are the ones that will be sent to the person valuing your answer sheet.

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In addition to these notes, we also request students to prepare Revision Test Papers released by ICAI. These Notes are more than enough for CA IPCC Nov 2016 and May 2017 exam preparation.

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