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GST SAC Code List : Checkout exclusive SAC Code List for GST India updated for latest month in PDF. Users will require the list of SAC Code for various reasons listed below. In our earlier article, we have already provided GST Invoice Format and also GST Rates. The SAC Code List for GST is very long, so we have provided it in PDF format for your reference. This SAC Code List under GST has been exclusively brought to you by FinApp.

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 Name of Service GST SAC Code
GST SAC Code for Telephone Services 00440003
General Insurance Services GST SAC Code 00440005
Stock Broker Services 00440008
GST SAC Code for Advertising Agency Services 00440013
Courier Services GST SAC Code 00440014
Radio Paging Services (Now clubbed under S.No. 98) 00440015
GST SAC Code for Customs House Agent Services 00440026
Steamer Agent Services GST SAC Code 00440029
GST SAC Code for Air Travel Agent Services 00440032
GST SAC Code for Mandap Keeper Services 00440035
Clearing and Forwarding Agent Services 00440045
Rent a Cab Scheme Operator Services 00440048
Consulting Engineer Services 00440057
Man Power Recruitment/Supply Agency Services 00440060
Tour Operator Services GST SAC Code 00440063
Transport of Goods by Road/Goods Transport Agency Services/Goods Transport Operator 00440262
Architect Services 00440072
Interior Decoration/Designers Services 00440076
Mechnised Slaughter House Services 00440080
GST SAC Code for Under Writer Services 00440084
GST SAC Code for Credit Rating Agency Services 00440088
Chartered Accountant Services 00440092
Cost Accountant Services GST SAC Code 00440096
GST SAC Code for Company Secretary Services 00440100
Real Estate Agent/Consultant Services 00440104
Security/Detective Agency Services 00440108
Market Research Agency Services 00440112
Management or Business Consultant Services 00440116
Scientific and Technical Consultancy Services 00440125
GST SAC Code for Photography Services 00440129
GST SAC Code for Convention Services 00440133
Telegraph Leased Circuits Services (Now clubbed under S.No. 98) 00440137
Telegraph Services (Now clubbed under S.No. 98) 00440141
Telex Services(Now clubbed under S.No. 98) 00440145
Facsimile Services(Now clubbed under S.No. 98) 00440149
On-line Information and Database Access and/or Retrieval Services through Computer Network 00440153
Video Production Agency/Video Tape Production Srvices 00440157
Sound Recording Studio or Agency Services 00440161
Broadcasting Services 00440165
Insurance Auxiliary Services in relation to General Insurance 00440169
Banking and Other Financial Services/Foreign Exchange Broker Services 00440173
GST SAC Code for Port Services 00440177
Services for repair, reconditioning, restoration or decoration or anyother similar services of any motor vehicle/Authorised Service Station Services 00440181
Life Insurance Services including Insurance Auxiliary Services relating to Life Insurance. 00440185
GST SAC Code for Cargo Handling Services 00440189
Storage and Warehousing Services 00440193
Event Management Services 00440197
Rail Travel Agent services 00440201
Health Club and Fitness Centers Services 00440205
Beauty Parlour/Beauty Treatment Services 00440209
Fashion Designing Services 00440213
Cable Operators services 00440217
Dry Cleaning Services 00440221
Business auxiliary services 00440225
Commercial Training and Coaching Services 00440229
Erection Commissioning and Installation Services 00440233
Franchise Services GST SAC Code 00440237
Internet Cafe Services GST SAC Code 00440241
Maintenance or Repair Services 00440245
Technical Testing & Analysis/Agency Services Technical Inspection and Certification Service 00440249
Business Exhibition Services GST SAC Code 00440254
Airport Services by Airport Authority 00440258
Transport of Goods by Air Services 00440266
Survey and Exploration of Minerals Services 00440270
Opinion Poll Services 00440274
Services by holder of Intellectual Property right Services other than Copyright 00440278
Forward Contract Services 00440282
Outdoor Caterers Services 00440051
Pandal or Shamiana Contractors Services 00440054
TV or Radio Programme Production Services/Services by a Program Producer 00440286
Construction services other than Residential Complex including Commercial or Industrial Buildings and Civil Structures 00440290
Travel Agents Services for booking of passage (other than air/rail travel agents) 00440294
Transport of goods by Road 00440262
Transport of Goods through pipeline or other conduit 00440302
Site formation and clearance, excavation and earth moving and demolition services 00440306
Dredging Services of river, port, harbour, backwater or estuary 00440310
Survey and Map Making Services 00440314
Cleaning Services GST SAC Code 00440318
Club or Association Sevices 00440322
Packaging Services GST SAC Code 00440326
Mailing list compilation and Mailing Services 00440330
Construction of Residential Complexes Services 00440334
Services provided by a Registrar to an Issue 00440338
Services provided by a Share Transfer Agent 00440342
Automated Teller Machine Operations, Maintenance or Management Services 00440346
Services provided by a recovery agent 00440350
Selling of space time slots for advertisement, other than in print media 00440354
Firm Including Sponsorship Services provided to any body corporate or firm, other than sponsorship of sports events. 00440358
Transport of passengers embarking on domestic/international journey by air, other than economy class passengers 00440362
Transport of goods by rail including transport of goods in containers by rail and transport of passengers by rail in air condioned class or first class. 00440390
Business Support Services 00440366
Auction Services GST SAC Code 00440370
Public Relations Management Services 00440374
Ship Management Services 00440378
Internet Telecommunication or Telephony service 00440382
Transport of persons by cruise ship 00440386
Credit Card, debit card charge card or other payment card related services 00440394
Services provided by a telegraph authority in relation to telecommunication services. 00440398
Services provided in relation to mining of mineral, oil or gas 00440402
Renting of Immovable Property Services 00440406
Services provided in relation to execution of a works contract services. 00440410
Services provided in relation to development and supply of content for use in telecom services, advertising agency services 00440414
Asset management services provided by any person, except a banking company or a financial institution including a non-banking financial company or any other body corporate or commercial concern, in relation to asset management including portfolio management and all forms of fund management. 00440418
Design Services other than interior decoration and fashion designing 00440422
Information Technology Software Services 00440452
Services provided by an insurer on life insurance business, in relation to management of investment, insurance under unit linked insurance business, commonly known as Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) scheme. 00440430
Services provided by a recognized stock exchange in relation to transactions in securities 00440434
Services provided by recognised/registered associations in relation to clearance or settlement of transactions in goods or forward contracts 00440438
Services provided by a processing and clearing house in relation to securities, goods and forward contracts 00440442
Services provided by any person in relation to supply of tangible goods 00440445
Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery Services 00440460
Transport of goods by coastal shipping (services by way of transportation of goods by inland waterways is placed in the negative list) 00440470
Legal Consultancy Services 00440480
Services of promoting, marketing, organizing or assisting in games of chance, including lottery, Bingo or Lotto 00440595
Health services by a clinical establishment, health check-up/diagnosis, etc. 00440598
Services in relation to maintenance of medical records 00440601
Service of promotion or marketing of brand of goods/services/events 00440604
Services of permitting commercial use or exploitation of any event 00440607
Services provided by Electricity Exchange 00440610
Copyright service – transfer temporarily/ permit use or enjoyment 00440613
Special services provided by a builders 00440616
Restaurant services GST SAC Code 00441067
Service of providing accommodation in hotels, inn, guest house, club or campsite whatever name called 00441070
Other taxable services 00441480

Impact : GST SAC Code List

Currently in India, there are many direct and indirect taxes imposed on goods/services, right from its manufacture to its sale and eventual consumption, both at central and state levels, thereby unrealistically increasing overall cost to the end user.

To mitigate this burden, the Central Government proposed the Goods and Services Tax (GST). GST combines central excise duty, additional excise duty, service tax, state VAT & entertainment taxes under one banner.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) was introduced as a Constitutional Amendment bill in the Lok Sabha on 19 th December 2014 and passed by the house on 6th May 2015. However, it took more than a year for the Rajya Sabha to pass this on 3rd August 2016. The bill after ratifications by the states received the Presidential assent on 9th September 2016. GST is expected to come into force by 1st July 2017.

Implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will have a significant impact on the real estate sector, where, a property under construction, is taxed under VAT and Service Tax. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) will replace all these with a single tax, which shall, in the long run, reduce the overall cost of home ownership. The stamp duty and registration fees, however, will be outside the purview of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Conclusion : SAC Code List for GST

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