Sergio Mattarella Net Worth 2022 – House Cars Salary

Sergio Mattarella Net Worth 2022 - House Cars Salary

Sergio Mattarella Net Worth is estimated to be $47 Million USD. The net worth of Sergio Mattarella has grown at a rate of 26% over the past five years. Sergio Mattarella owns expensive car brands such as Alfa Romeo, Range Rover and BMW. Sergio Mattarella is an Italian politician, jurist, academic, and lawyer who has served as the president of Italy since 2015. Sergio Mattarella has won the Italy’s presidency that is elected through a secret vote in an electoral college of 1,009 senators, MPs and some regional delegates. Also read Neil Young Net Worth data.

Sergio Mattarella Net Worth

Current Net Worth $47 Million US Dollars
Cars 5
Income Tax Paid in Previous Year $4 Million USD
Annual Income $11 Million USD
President Salary $340,000 USD
Mansions Owned 2

Sergio Mattarella Cars

Car  Price
Alfa Romeo Stelvio $470,000 USD
BMW X5 $110,000 USD
Range Rover $95,000 USD

Sergio Mattarella Annual Income

Year Income
2021 $4 Million USD
2020 $3 Million USD
2019 $3 Million USD
2018 $2 Million USD
2017 $2 Million USD
2016 $2 Million USD
2015 $600,000 USD
2014 $480,000 USD
2013 $375,000 USD
2012 $350,000 USD

Sergio Mattarella Bio

Sergio Mattarella was elected to the presidency in 2015 on the fourth ballot, supported by the centre-left coalition.

Sergio Mattarella was married to Marisa Chiazzese, daughter of Lauro Chiazzese, a professor of Roman law.

Sergio Mattarella’s brother Piersanti Mattarella was murdered in 1980 in Sicily by Cosa Nostra while serving as President of the Regional Government of Sicily.

During Sergio Mattarella‘s presidency, Italy was hit by a major outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On 15 March 2021, Sergio Mattarella placed the majority of Italy under so-called “full lockdown” conditions, with non-essential businesses closing and travel restricted, in response to an increase in the transmission of COVID-19.

What is the salary of Sergio Mattarella?

As the president of Italy, Sergio Mattarella earns a take-home salary of $340,000 USD. In addition to this salary, Sergio Mattarella is also entitled to a presidential palace, car, and private plane. The majority of Sergio Mattarella’s net worth is made up of his properties and assets. Sergio Mattarella’s salary as President is only a negligible part of his total wealth and net worth.


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