Trishneet Arora Net Worth (House Cars Income Salary)

The Estimated Trishneet Arora Net Worth is $1 Million Dollars (Rs.7 Crores). Trishneet Arora is an Indian author, cyber security expert, and entrepreneur. Arora has written books on cyber security, ethical hacking and web defence. The Annual Income of Trishneet Arora is estimated at $270,000. Trishneet Arora recently bought a brand new luxury car for $30,000. The Net Worth of Trishneet Arora has seen a hike of 24% over the past few years. While calculating the Net Worth of Trishneet Arora we have included the data updated as of this Quarter. Check out the Exclusive information on Trishneet Arora Net Worth details such as Yearly Income, House, Car Collection, Investments etc. Also read Net Worth details of Azim PremjiSundar Pichai and Anil Ambani.

Trishneet Arora Net Worth

The Estimated Trishneet Arora Net Worth is $1 Million Dollars (Rs.7 Crores)

Net Worth Rs.7.5 Crores
Annual Income Rs.1.8 Crores
Personal Investments Rs.3.1 Crores
 Cars – 2 Rs.45 Lakhs

Trishneet Arora Cars included in his Net Worth

The Car collection of Trishneet Arora is quite Small. Trishneet Arora owns few of the best luxury cars in the world. The Car brands owned by Trishneet Arora include Ford and BMW.

Trishneet Arora House included in his Net Worth

Trishneet Arora Resides in Punjab,India. Trishneet Arora bought this luxury home in 2016. Estimated Value of this Real Estate Property is around Rs.1.1 Crores.

Trishneet Arora Biography

Trishneet Arora (born 1993) is an Indian author, cyber security expert, and entrepreneur. Trishneet Arora has written books on cyber security, ethical hacking and web defence. Trishneet Arora is the founder and CEO of TAC Security, an IT security company.

Trishneet Arora is an entrepreneur who founded TAC Security, a cyber security company that provides protection to corporations against network vulnerabilities and data theft.

Some of his clients are Reliance Industries, Central Bureau of Investigation, Punjab Police (India)and Gujarat Police. Trishneet Arora helps the Punjab and Gujarat police in investigating cyber crimes, for which he has conducted training sessions with officials.

Trishneet Arora’s company focuses on providing specialised services called Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

According to Trishneet Arora, there has been an increase in the number of hacking cases wherein portals of companies are hacked for stealing vital information resulting in great danger for the company’s sustainability in the competitive environment.

Data Analysis : Trishneet Arora Net Worth

We can easily conclude that Trishneet Arora is one of the highest net worth authors in the world. Trishneet Arora Net Worth has been on the top of the charts since many weeks.

Trishneet Arora Net Worth will keep growing at a staggering pace in the coming months. This data provided by us on Trishneet Arora Net Worth is just on estimated basis and statistical analysis.

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Trishneet Arora Net Worth Growth Estimate

The Net Worth and Income of Trishneet Arora is expected to continue to grow at a Strong pace. Over the next few years, Trishneet Arora’s Net worth is likely to grow by around 32%.