Unable to Register Your Device with DRM Jio TV | Solved |

Many users using Jio TV are unable to Register their Device with DRM. The problem is occuring when users are using the Jio TV App on their Android phones and when they try to play any channel, they keep getting a message ‘Unable to Register your Device with DRM’. Below, we have provided few similar DRM errors being faced by Jio TV Users and also possible solution on how to fix the error. DRM Full Form is Digital Rights Management.

Errors related to ‘Unable to to Register Device with DRM’

Bikash Kumar

Can’t see live or catchup programmes Each time I click an episode it shows your “DRM is not registered. Make sure that you are using network provided time zone ” . Even after changing the settings same thing happens again . Totally bored for almost half an hour. Someone please help.

Keyur Panchal

Worst I tried many times but always shown same msg your device is not registered with DRM … What the hell


DRM error It’s giving me DRM error when trying to open any channel. It says that device register not possible for jio tv due to drm error and not working.

Ravi Ranjan

Error saying unable to register your device with drm whenever I try to play any channel it says unable to register your device with DRM what is this??

Ravindra Choudhary

I dont know what happened but, since i updated the latest version, my jio tv app shows this error message as ‘Unable to to Register Device with DRM Jio TV’. Please someone tell me how to fix this issue.

Nidhi Mishra

The jio tv app is the worst. i am not sure what went wrong since morning. My App keeps telling that the device is unable to register with DRM. If someone have solution for this, please tell me.

How to Solve ‘Unable to to Register Device with DRM’ Jio TV Issue

There are two possible solutions for this. One is, there seems to be a problem with in the new version of the Jio TV app and therefore, it is unable to register the Device with DRM. We recommend you to wait for the next version, which will be uploaded sometime this week.

Another possible solution is, try changing the SIM Card to a different slot. If it is in SIM Card slot 2, change it to Slot 1. And then, uninstall the app and re install it again.