UPSC Chemistry Question Papers (IAS Mains PDF 2019)

UPSC Chemistry Question Papers PDF (IAS Mains Chemistry Question Papers) UPSC Mains Optional Papers : All Latest Question Papers of all the latest years have been provided below in PDF format for download. These UPSC Chemistry Question Papers have been compressed so that they consume very little data while downloading and are also optimized for Mobile view. In our earlier article, we have already provided UPSC Chemistry Syllabus. Here you can download UPSC Chemistry Question Papers for 2017, UPSC Chemistry Question Papers for 2015 and also UPSC Chemistry Question Papers for 2014.

Details of UPSC Chemistry Question Papers

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Download Recent UPSC Chemistry Question Papers

UPSC Mains exam have concluded recently and the Question Paper of UPSC Chemistry has been made available for public on the very next day.

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Preparation from UPSC Chemistry Question Papers

There will always be high demand for the recent years UPSC Chemistry Question Papers from the candidates preparing for the IAS Mains (UPSC Mains Exams).

You might be aware that Chemistry is one of the many Optional Papers that a candidate can choose from.

UPSC Chemistry Question Papers PDF (IAS Mains Chemistry Question Papers) UPSC Mains Optional Papers Civils

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UPSC Chemistry Question Papers provided above are only for educational purpose and it is recommended that users should not use them for any other commercial motive.

Along with the UPSC Chemistry Question Papers, we will also provide other important articles on how to prepare for UPSC Chemistry, What is the proper study plan for UPSC Chemistry and also what will be the estimated important topics from UPSC Chemistry syllabus.

PDF Files of UPSC Chemistry Question Papers

All the UPSC Chemistry Question Papers files we have provided are segregated into Paper-I and Paper-II respectively.

Also all the Question Papers of UPSC Chemistry topic were provided for year wise download so that it will be easy for students to get access to them.

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UPSC Chemistry Preparation tips

Start reading newspapers for UPSC Chemistry. Not newspapers like Times of India(I would suggest that the first thing you do is throw out that newspaper), but papers like The Hindu and The Indian Express. They are very good and I would suggest you read them religiously.

Start reading UPSC Chemistry NCERTS. These are basic UPSC Chemistry textbooks which will give you the gist of the subject and then you can go deeper and deeper into that subject.

Make use of the Internet. Watch UPSC Chemistry documentaries like BBC’s Days that shook the World which will increase your Chemistry knowledge base. Keep in mind that they tend to be a bit biased though.

It is imperative to do your homework, dig in to find the needs of the competition, its trends and requirements. Get the details of the examination i. e. Prelims, Mains and Personality Test.

Planning is the important part of UPSC Chemistry preparation, make a workable UPSC Chemistry study plan which suits your requirement. It can optimize and can actually reduce your efforts by almost 70-80% (most of the students just follow UPSC Chemistry books without doing the cost benefit analysis).

I think this should be the first step towards UPSC Chemistry preparation as one is required to write around 30000-35000 words in all the 9 papers of the mains exam.

Make sure the environment or ecosystem of your UPSC Chemistry preparation is positive with good people around. You can make peer groups who are at similar age.

This should begin after 2-3 months of your UPSC Chemistry preparation. For example, lets suppose you read a topic “Balance of Payment” in Economics, so now you should start attempting previous year’s questions to check the comfort level and accuracy.

If overall your UPSC Chemistry accuracy is 60% including negative marking then the preparation is on the right track. I took the threshold as UPSC Chemistry 60% since cutoffs vary between 50-55%. Similar process can also be followed for subjective questions in mains examination.

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Conclusion on UPSC Chemistry Question Papers

We always recommend students to not just follow blindly the UPSC Chemistry Question Papers and think that these things will help you to pass the exam.

Note that UPSC Chemistry is not like any other regular subject you come across. There is lot of depth in UPSC Chemistry Question Papers and one should be fully confident to attempt the exam.

UPSC Mains Chemistry is one of the most crucial subject which many students fail to grasp and pay a big price.

UPSC Chemistry Paper may not look like a difficult task, but once you start digging into the subject, you will finally come to realize that this thing is here to stay.