Verizon Message Plus Not Working (Fix Verizon Outage)

Many users are complaining that ‘Verizon Message Plus is not Working’ and ‘Verizon Messages App not working’. Below we have provided how to fix this problem. Users can stay connected using Verizon Messages sync feature your Smartphone, tablet, computer, and even smart watches. Keep the conversation going even when you’re switching between devices.

Verizon Message Plus Comments from Users

Darwin : Why don’t scheduled messages show, up,after they’ve been scheduled to be sent.

Jim : Verizon Message Plus Worked great until the today. Now I can’t open on my Galaxy S5 at all. You’ve got to get this fixed fast or I will need to switch programs.

Aretha : Since the update all I get is a white screen. This needs to be fixed because normally I love this app.

Eric : Hello, Verizon. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 (G920V) running Android 6.0.1. Every time I try to open the app, It shows nothing but a white screen. I try tapping the scren for a response, and that is when the app not responding box pops up. I would really like some help with this, as I really enjoyed this messaging app over the Samsung Messaging app.

Patricia : This app use to be good now since all the updates in the past week it crashes takes forever to load when it does load I am uninstalling it.

Brian : This used to be a great app. But I’ve had update after update and now it constantly crashes and stops responding. Fails to load. Plus, you can no longer send a message when offline and just let it go thru once you have a connection. They totally ruined a good product. It used to be 5 star and now it’s a 2 star and I’m being generous.

Natasha : After this recent update, Verizon Message Plus App freezes and lags to the point where I can’t even use it. I had to switch to a different messaging app. Used to be my favorite, but if I can’t use it, there’s no point in having it.

How to Fix Verizon Message Plus Problem

  1. Try deleting and App and its Cache from your phone and reinstall it again.
  2. The problem is with the latest update only. so, expect a new version of the app in this week.
  3. Remove Folder Lock Apps from your phone.
  4. Reset Security Preferences

More Verizon Message Plus Comments from Users

Davlon : Verizon Message Plus App was great but now it’s constantly crashing. First it wouldn’t let me add pics to messages then it wouldn’t let me send a message at all. I updated the app last night hoping that would fix the issues but it seems to have made the issues occur more frequently. Please fix!

Anthony : Since last update I can’t send or receive messages and the Verizon Message Plus App won’t even open! All I see is white and the app drains my battery literally 3% per minute even though I’m not able to use it! Fix immediately.

Natalia : Verizon Message Plus App was great until the update. Do NOT install unless you want to get a text message every few minutes from Verizon. I got over 100 from the yesterday. Here’s what it says: We were unable to connect your device to synchronize with Verizon Integrated Messaging service. You can attempt to reconnect your device to Verizon Integrated Messaging through the Settings menu of the application. Needs to be fixed ASAP.