Youngest Chartered Accountant in India @ 17 years

What is the minimum age to become a Chartered Accountant. Who is the youngest Chartered Accountant in India. We have heard cases where certain people have become youngest advocates at the age of 13. This is the case of youngest Chartered Accountant in India.

Story of the Youngest CA in India and World

Meet the Youngest Chartered in India, Mr.P Lakshmi Narasimha Rao. He has cleared his CA Final Exams at the age of 17. He is also the youngest person to clear CA CPT at 13 years and CA IPCC at 15 years.

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He has secured an All India Rank of 46, in the CA Final Examinations held in November 2011.

Mr.Narasimha Rao has taken a special permission from the Andhra Pradesh State Government and appeared for SSC examinations at the age of just 9, and cleared them.

After 10th standard, he joined MEC for Intermediate(+2). Narasimha Rao’s father was a bus conductor in the Andhra Pradesh State Transport Department.

Marksheet of the Youngest Chartered Accountant:

marksheet of youngest chartered accountant 17 years

Even though he has cleared his CA Final examinations at the age of just 17, he cannot be technically called a Chartered Accountant. This is because, in order to apply for Membership of ICAI, one has to be at least 21 years of age.

Mr.Nariasimha Rao is currently working in a Multinational Company in  the Finance Department.

Interview of the Youngest CA:

How did it become possible for you to clear CA final at such young age?

I should give credit to my coaching institute.  I also got inspired from CA.Anil who cleared CA Final exams being a blind student.

What is your message to students who want to give up CA?

In the beginning it looks like CA is not manageable, but once you get into the grove, you will come to realise that its not that hard, provided you make a systematic study plan.

How many hours did you study each day?

I prepared a study plan for 17 hours a day. I made sure that i have sufficient sleep time. I prepared practical subjects in the evening hours and theory subjects in the morning hours.

Who has inspired you the most during this journey?

I should give my credit to both my parents. My mom, being a teacher, has always inspired me. My father stayed with me through out this journey every single day.

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Did you expect that you will score a rank in the exam?

No, during my preparation, my whole concentration has been on scoring good marks in the exam and giving my best output. I took sufficient care in presenting answers in the exam.

Which is the most difficult subject you encountered?

ISCA will be my take. The language used in the subject is pretty sophisticated and its been a very big challenge for me to remember all the vocabulary. I prepared ISCA multiple times to make sure that i am able to reproduce the same language that was used in the ICAI study material, in the exam answer sheet.

When did you plan to take up CA?

I have been a very poor student in subjects like physics and science. So i felt MEC is the right option, as i am little good at maths.